Friday, July 29, 2005

It's Time For The I.D.I.O.T. Act

With the next terror attack not a matter of if, but of when, it's time to take a closer look at the war on terror. If the recently "strengthened " Patriot Act isn't going to protect us, it needs to be repealed, since it's entire purpose was to prevent another 9/11. If The Department of Homeland Security is unable to protect us, maybe it's time to dismantle it. If the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan haven't stopped terrorists, maybe we ought to look at new ways to end terrorism (see my previous post for a couple of suggestions). And most important, if the Bush Administration is unable to stop it, everyone in it deserves to be removed from office.
That's why I propose the I.D.I.O.T. Act (for Intentional Dis Informing Oligarchic Traitors) to be initiated. What this act would do is call for removal of any politician so inept that they put America's security at risk. Jail time would be mandatory for any leader who intentionally lies to the people to serve their agenda, or any political operative who exposes America's intelligence operatives. It also calls for special elections to replace those politicians jailed for breaking this or any other law, with outside impartial observers to make sure that the elections are honest. Any party caught deliberately scrubbing voter rolls, or tampering with touch screen voting machines would automatically be banned from participating in the next elections.
Any politician using his positon to make a profit for himself or any company of cronies he still has ties to would be forbidden from holding public office again. Any politician who allows torture or any other unconstitutional act, or any act that violates any treaty that America has signed on to, would also be banned, as well as forced to do prison time in a maximum security prison. Any politician who puts another country's security ahead of the US would also be banned from holding office, while campaign contributions can only be made by Americans. Repeat offenders would be sentenced to twenty years at Gitmo, chained up in the $46,000.00 dog cages built by Halliburton.
Also, any act of aggression towards any country not directly involved in any act of terror against America would be grounds for impeachment, as well as forging the documentation to prove they did.
The only way this act could pass was if the people stopped voting for the Democraps or Republicants. Both parties have shown their wanton disregard for the American people by passing the original Patriot Act, NAFTA and it's li'l brother CAFTA. It's time for some new parties to take charge that will answer to the people, not Corporate America or Israel. Parties that will realize that America's concerns stop at her borders, not in some oil rich nation.
It's time to put America first. It's time for the I.D.I.O.T. Act.


Les Visible said...

Certainly those are all good ideas. Unfortunately the first thing these people do is to protect themselves and each other. For those who won't play ball there's armtwisting intimidation, blackballing and reassignment to unimportant committees and, as ever, there are compromising situations and blackmail.

But what can we do? We have to keep calling them on it. Sooner or later they destroy themselves.

Two Dogs said...

Thanks for the comment on my site, Lew. I have responded.

The Zombieslayer said...

Lew - you're all right. I'm starting to hate both major parties, but for different reasons. I've been voting Third Party for over ten years now, being disgusted with both.

Seeing which books I check out in the library in no way fights terrorism. Disarming us (not just guns, but everything like they do now) on planes in no way fights terrorism. In fact, it makes us easier targets. Wiretapping my phone in no way fights terrorism. In fact, it makes it easier for a police state to operate. Sneaking into my house when I'm not there...see above.

Lew Scannon said...

Ever since I've been able to vote, I've been voting independent (usually Libertarian),accepting the fact that my candidate won't win, but at least I voted my conscience. But in 2000, I was so scared of what Bush had hiding behind that arrogant smirk (turns out I was right) that I actually voted Democrap. So when my candidate finally one, you can imagine my anger when Bush was installed in a judicial coup.