Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who Is Brainwashed?

Recently, someone posted a comment with a link on this blog, followed by the question, who is brainwashed? I followed the link to a fascist pro-war web site (which is ironic because one of the things they claimed that war ended was fascism. And if you don't think that these pro-war anti-dissention right wingers are fascist, just compare their actions to the brown shirts of the Nazi party.
There, on the home page, I saw it. Zion.
Yes, folks, the real reason we are fighting and killing and dying in the Middle East is not a war against terror, it is a Holy War. We are fighting to create a Greater Israel. Because according to two separate, unrelated passages in the Book of Revelations, when a Greater Israel is created, then Jesus will come back, the rapture will begin and all good Christians will rise to Heaven.
My brother James has been studying scripture and Biblical matters for thirty years. He says (he quoted a source that slips my mind) when they got together to decide which books will go in the Bible and which ones to leave out, there was a question of whether this should even be in here.
The Book of Revelations has been used by the truly insane to "predict" Jesus' return for centuries. ^Take a little from here put it with this and voila, you have a Biblical"truth". Surely you've heard of the Book Of Revelations, haven't you? It was the book Charles Manson used to justify his killing spree.
And how did he get his followers to believe it? He repeated it over and over, until they had no choice to believe it as they were brainwashed. Much the same way that right wingers listen to Rush, and Sean, and Michael Savage, and Fox News repeat the same lie over and over until they believe it. Like the way they all repeated the lies about Iraq(WMD, links to 9/11,etc., etc.) until the American people were brainwashed.
While I'd kind like to see this all played out to the end so when Jesus doesn't come I can go haw-haw, losing my freedom to the Likudniks really wouldn't be worth it. But if you do believe it, that all the Middle East belongs to Israel (such is the basis of Zionism), because thousands of years ago it was all Israel, may I make a suggestion. Get the fuck out of the US as this land all belongs to the Indians.
You are brainwashed.


The Voice said...

Great post Lew,

I have some interesting info on Fascism - I'll either forward it to you or make a post on the subject. You are a courageous voice - I hope you never stop.

Be safe,

Lew Scannon said...


judas said...

So who do you hate? Do you hate the USA or do you hate the Jews. I know it must be difficult for you to tell the two apart, as by your words, the USA might as well be the Zionist nation that Israel is. So I wonder, who am I the guy who supports the war on terrorism and the guy who voted for Bush, and who also supports the troops as a Vietnam vet myself, or am I someone more like you.
Instead of being me, am I a Jew hater, soldier hater, Bush hater, USA hater, true free election hater(see the last two elections),opinions that don't agree with me hater, anyone who is not a liberal fuck like me hater, Muslim lover(even though they are the enemy of God and mankind), let everyone run amoke lover, let every voice be heard even if they are illegal immigrants lover, smoke drugs, drop out of school, burn the flag, abortion lover(as long as you don't turn pro-Bush), which one am I...oh thats right, I'm the guy that has made is possible for liberal,illegal immigrant,abortion, Muslim, kill the jew mentalities like yours to exist.
Your welcome.

Lew Scannon said...

I don't hate anyone or anything(except maybe my ex-wife). I certainly have nothing against the Jewish people. It just appears I am more informed than you.
First off, the last two elections were hardly free. Just ask the 57,000 people in Florida who were ilegally scrubbed, from the voter rolls in Florida because they were black. The state of Florida was sued for this and paid $2.5 million out of court for doing this. Or you can go by the recount that Bush went to the Supreme Court to stop (after spending the whole election blathering about his faith was in local governments) which proved that Gore did indeed win Florida, and you can get an idea how free that election was. In the 2004 election touch screen voters in counties in Ohio votes for Kerry didn't register, and with no paper trail to back it up, well, you get an idea of how "free" that election turned out.
I also don't ever ecall saying I hate our troops. In fact, I'm so proud of our troops that I wouldn't want to waste them on what is an unconstitutional illegal war. No, our troops should be here defending us from terrorist attacks, not overseas creating more terrorists. I certainly am more concerned about them than you as you seem to be indifferent to their exposure to radioactive depleted uranium, which will have lasting effects on our soldiers and their families for the rest of their lives. I guess while not a Muslim lover, I do try to have respect for all religions, as I believe in none of them, it's not my business to tell you how to waste your time.
No, I realize that our troops are over there doing their duty, just as you did in Vietnam. And as in Iraq, the reasons we escalated in Viet Nam was based on an attack in the Gulf Of Tonkin that never really happened, meanwhile, at the same time Israel attack a clearly marked US ship, killing hundreds of troops as they lay in neutral waters. Now, we have the brainwashed running around fearing Muslim terrorists while the only people arrested post-9/11 were Mossad agents who were deported back to Israel. Not one alQaeda cell has been discovered in the US in the four years since 9/11.
As for the Zionists controlling this country, I suggest you check out this . As for the rest of your comments, the only hate I get is from you. You hate liberals, you hate minorities, you hate Muslims, you hate everything that isn't American (except all those things you own made in China, a Communist dictatorship)you hate anyone that still believes in this country enough to speak their mind, you hate democracy,you hate the freedom people have to voice opinions other than yours, you hate honesty, and you love traitors.
And finally, I am opposed to illegal immigrants as well, so I don't understand why you support Bush when he granted amnesty to all those illegal immigrants flooding the job market in the US, which also means you hate the American worker. Like most conservatives, you claim to love your country while openly hating a majority of the people.

Bohemian Like You said...

Uhhh...Lew..the founder of is Jewish and believes Israel has a right to defend itself. That precludes him from being a Nazi I do believe.

The President of the local chapter in my town is an Afican-American Gulf war veteran.

Protest warrior is rabidly pro-democracy and in your face about it. We counter protest leftist wackos - Nazis or Commies need not apply.

Think of it as a for the right - - only with better footwear and much, much cleaner.

Please get your fact straight. Or don't. This type of ill informed knee jerk shrieking is why your party is out of office and losing money and members.

Lew Scannon said...

Well, if you had any basic understanding of what Zionism is, you would understand why I link it to Fascism. Zionism is the belief that the Jews, being God's chosen people, are superior to any other race on the planet.(Sound Familiar?) The goal of the International Zionist movement is total control over the planet for Zionists, while the rest of it's people are enslaved to do their bidding. Not all Jews are Zionists or even agree with them, they are as extremist as the most violent Muslim or Fundamentalist Christian. (Ever heard of Rabbi Kahane?)
All this to me, sounds like a threat to my Holy Land, the good ol' US of A where establishing a religion is a violation of my sacred text, the Constitution. And the way you target Muslims is also unconstitutional. Since you have no respect for my Holy Land or my sacred text, perhaps you should be over fighting your holy war instead of using my army and my tax dollars to do it. But, like the Zionists, you are a coward who'd rather lie to people (do we need to bring up Saddam's non-existent weapons of mass destruction, links to alQaeda, or links to 9/11 again) to get them to fight your battles than actually have to risk your balls over there. And I think, is that what Jesus would do, lie? So, once again, I respectfully submit, you are a traitor and a hypocrite.

The Zombieslayer said...

Lew - actually Michael Savage is highly against this war. He sees absolutely no benefit for the United States (it's not in our interest). We're supposed to be going after Osama, and he's not in Iraq.

Savage is very different from Bush and Rush Limbaugh. He's a true conservative. A little hot-headed and short-tempered, yes, but for the most part, he's a very interesting person. There are huge areas I disagree with him (he's a big homophobe and anti-abortion), but on more issues than not, I like him.

The Neo-Cons scare me. They gave us the Patriot Act, they've increased spending way over Clinton levels while decreasing taxes (not a good idea), they're for outsourcing and pro-illegal aliens. Not only that, Bush said he'd sign the Clinton Gun Ban if it appeared on his desk. Luckily it failed to renew. I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me how the Neo-Cons are conservatives.

Your Mama said...

Liars go to hell
Liars go to hell
Burn Burn Burn

Clueless said...

If there are no weapons of mass distruction in Iraq how do the troops get exposed to radiocative depleted uranium? Is this now standard issue for all American G.I.'s, fatigues, bedroll,and exposure to depleted uranium??

Lew Scannon said...

Our GI's were exposed to depleted uranium because that's the ordinance of choice for the US military. So yes, this is standard issue for our soldiers. I suggest you read "depleted Uranium and You: What Your Recrtuiter Won't Tell You" located in my archives.
Yo mama,
Then I guess George W Bush is going to hell for lying about Saddam' WMD, his ties to al-Qaeda, and his links to 9/11. I guess he can keep Bill Clinton company down there. I speak only the truth.

cluless said...

Hey Lou,

Me and all my friends that went through the service never were exposed to depleted uranium. Which base do you have to get stationed at to receive that added bonus??????

Lew Scannon said...

Did you ever drive a tank? The heavy metal armored plating on tanks is made from DU. Did you ever fire a "bunker buster" bomb? We used a lot of those in our "shock and awe" campaign, and everyone of them had depleted uranium tips. The tank buster bombs we are firing in Iraq? They have depleted uranium tips. Perhaps you weren't told this as it was on a need to know basis. What war were you in, Korea?

Schroeder said...

Noam Chomsky, in Manufacturing Consent:

"During the Thanksgiving holiday a few weeks ago, I took a walk with some friends and family in a national park. We came across a gravestone, which had on it the following inscription: 'Here lies an Indian woman, a Wampanoag, whose family and tribe gave of themselves and their land that this great nation might be born and grow.'

Of course, it is not quite accurate to say that the indigenous population gave of themselves and their land for that noble purpose. Rather, they were slaughtered, decimated, and dispersed in the course of one of the greatest exercises in genocide in human history...which we celebrate each October when we honor Columbus—a notable mass murderer himself—on Columbus Day.

Hundreds of American citizens, well-meaning and decent people, troop by that gravestone regularly and read it, apparently without reaction; except perhaps, a feeling of satisfaction that at last we are giving some due recognition to the sacrifices of the native peoples.... They might react differently if they were to visit Auschwitz or Dachau and find a gravestone reading: 'Here lies a woman, a Jew, whose family and people gave of themselves and their possessions that this great nation might grow and prosper.'"

One could just as easily thank the Palestinians for giving up their homes, and dying in the process of defending them, so Jews could return to their biblical homeland. The greatest problem I have with Jews "returning" to Israel, are those Jews who were born in the United States settling on Palestinian land as though they have a right to be there.

Just because my Irish ancestors were starved out of Ireland doesn't mean I can kick someone out of Ireland today so I can return to my homeland. Hardship does not justify cruelty to other people. To allow oneself that justification is to perpetrate the same crimes that Hitler perpetrated on Jews - because of the humiliation Germans suffered at the Treaty of Versailles.

Sadly, Jews have suffered throughout history perhaps more than any other ethnic group (except African Americans and indigenous Americans). Nevertheless, this does not provide them with the justification to forcibly remove other people from their homes. One doesn't have to be an anti-Semite to disagree with Israel's policies.

Lew Scannon said...

Noam Chomsky is so right, and so are you.

Chuck Wade said...

The letter is called Revelation not "Revelations", just a side note.

your mama said...

Hey concerned citizen
just a side note.....

Kiss my ass....

I learned the diddy in sunday school like 30 years ago....Sorry if I got it wrong.....

But what should I expect from liberals...quick to point out everyone else's flaws but blind to their own......