Friday, June 10, 2005

90 mph into a media stonewall

Recently, George W Bush visited our fair city, to give a commencement address at a local Christian College. Some members of the faculty took out an ad in the local paper condemning Bush for his un-Christian behavior, which caused quite a stir in the red state heart of this blue state. Naturally, the Republicants couldn't stand any one disparaging their President and responded in the letters column with support for Bush and disparagement for those faculty members who dared to voice their opinion. One writer went as far as to call Bush a" class act ".

Well, that set me off and so I sat down and composed a letter to the editor in which I made a slight passing reference to the Downing Street Memo, (see here:,,1-523-1593607-523,00.html) which for those of you unaware of it, states that Bush was intent on toppling Saddam and intelligence was being fixed around that policy. My point was how could a proven liar be a class act.
The next day, I received an e-mail from the press, wanting to know my source on this mysterious document I alluded to in my missive. They hadn't heard of the Downing Street Memo. So, I sent along the above link and questioned their journalistic credentials. I have yet to hear back, and it's likely I won't. It seems the MSM is doing all that it can to sweep this under the rug.
This isn't the first time that I have had problems with the editorial page editor. I am no longer allowed to have my letters printed under my real name. In the months leading to the Iraq war, I was writing the Grand rapids Press because I knew from bloggers that the whole story about WMD was phony. Then, with my wife's blessing, I would write in two weeks later under her name. All was going fine until I read an article where George Bush was compared to Abraham Lincoln by Karl Rove. In my next letter, under my wife's name, I thought it odd that Karl Rove would compare Bush to Lincoln when the rest of the world would compare Bush to Hitler. One of the Christian brainwashed, who had the same name as my (now) ex-wife, was offended by the letter and was worried that someone reading the letter might think she thought that way (when it was evident she didn't think all). The editor contacted my wife, she spilled the beans and I was told it will be a long time before they ever print one of my letters again.
What this has done for me is opened my eyes. The media exists to pass along disinformation, it has no concern for truth or enlightenment. All the journalistic standards they like to prattle on about in both the print and televised media is just a smokescreen for the fact that they don't tell you anything at all.
Ironically, the next night, someone from the circulation department called and offered me a subscription deal. Why should I have to pay for right wing propaganda?

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