Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Don't You Ever Learn?

Recently, online I've been reading about Iran and the US's attempt at undermining the government there. We're establishing a base in Azerbijian for local Azeris to infiltrate Iran and provide intelligence for the US as well as committing acts of counter espionage. Add to that the fact that we are using the Iraq MEK, Saddam's personal terrorist group to try and upset the elections in Iran.
Wait a minute, elections in Iran? Doesn't Bush talk about bringing democracy to the region? Aren't elections the cornerstone of democracy? Obviously, democracy to Bush means putting some one friendly to the US in there, much as we have done in Afghanistan (a former oil executive) and Iraq. His record here in the US is just as bad, looking back at Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.
But what really ripped apart my brain as I read the articles about covert US activities in Iran is the Shah. Placed in power by the US in 1947, the Shah of Iran was as dirty a despot as Saddam Hussein (another US protege'). Chosen for his bloodlines to Mohammed, the Shah was eventually overthrown by the Iranian people and replaced by the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Shah took it on the heel and toe to the US which led Iranian students to seize our embassy, taking all inside hostage in return for the Shah, who was wanted in that country for war crimes.
And now, twentyfive years after the end of that fiaco, here we are again in Iran, carrying out espionage against them in an attempt at "regime change". I thought that an elephant never forgets, so perhaps it's time for the Republicans to come up with a new animal to represent their party. Sorry, the jackass is taken, may I recommend a chimp?

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