Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wave Another Flag!

Wave this flag. Wave it high and vigorously and maybe people won't pay attention to the Downing Street memo. You know, the top secret British memo that states US intelligence was being "fixed" to justify an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation. So what? George W Bush is a war president and every decision he makes is based on the fact that we are at war. So if he decides he needs to lie to invade a country with no ties to al-Queida, no links to 9-11, and no weapons of mass destruction, only a traitor would dare to question him. And if something leaks out like, say, American mistreatment of prisoners of war, then, here, wave another flag.
Buy a magnetic support our troops ribbon. Proudly place it on your car to show you are behind our troops, even as you support a President who slashed VA funding. You know, Veterans. The troops that went and fought the wars that the current administaration believed in, as long as they didn't actually have to risk their nuts doing it. Well Bush was in Texas protecting our asses in case the Viet Cong Air Force ever decided to attack from the sky. The rest of them believed in the war, they just had more important money to make. So if they didn't have an exit strategy going in, they can't really be blamed. All their military experience comes from watching John Wayne movies. In those movies, we always were right, we always fought fair, we never killed civilians, and we always won. So if some traitorous leftists brings up the 100,000 Iraqi civilians killed since the invasion, here. Wave another flag.
Don't look at it close enough to notice it was manufactured in China. Remember China? Godless Commies? If politics make strange bedfellows, what does this say about capitalism? About our love of freedom? Every month America hemmorages thousands of jobs at the bottom, sending them to Mexico or some third world country with a lack of labor laws and lots of hungry people willing to work for cheap. But you probably won't lose your job, so here. Wave another flag.
Apply a flag decal on your HumVee. Never mind that the factories can't turn out armor plated ones fast enough to protect our troops you so claim to support. Hummers are cool, and if you didn't get one first, then your neighbor would and how would that look? Our troops can drive around mini-vans, what does it matter, they're just going to get blown up anyway. And, if some one questioning your choice of vehicle mentions any thing about peak oil, here. Wave another flag.
People who question sending billions to Halliburton in no-bid contracts are just aiding the enemy. Any one daring to speak out against the current administration is a traitor and deserves to have their phones tapped, their mail opened, their rights violated. We must give up our freedoms to protect them, I'm sure we'll get them back as soon as this never ending war ends. It's a small sacrifice to make, but our leaders are willing to let you make them. So if some one mentions, say, the trade deficit, you can be sure that you can make it all better if you just wave another flag.

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