Sunday, July 30, 2006

Valueless Based Hypocrisy

Propagandists around the world, in a frenzy to place the blame on the current Mid east crisis (which is really part of an ongoing Mid East crisis), are now strting to pint the finger at Iran, even though the two Israeli soldiers were captured in southern Lebanon. The current story is that Iran did this to remind Israel of what it is capable of and to distract the world from it's rejection of the economic incentives offered in part for shutting down their current nuclear program. Even though Iran asked Hizbullah to curb it's attacks on Israel, they are still receiving blame.
The neocons are salivating right now at the chance to start another war that will "change the shape of the Mid East" (while enriching defense contractors) by installing puppet regimes that are more beholden to the US and Tel-Aviv than they are to their own people, all in some twisted definition of democracy.
The evidence against Iran is all'circumstantial' (more like wishful thinking), but it hasn't stopped the neocons for pushing for a confrontation with them. Which brings me to an interesting point:
Iran, which has not been found in violation of any of the aspects of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and is, according to our own National Intelligence Estimate at least ten years away from acquiring enough centrifuges to enrich enough uranium for a nuclear weapon, is being pursued by the US in the UN for, uh, um, obeying a treaty. Meanwhile, Israel, who is actually, you know, killing people gets a pass from their ambassador to the UN, I mean, our ambassador to the UN, John Bolton. To claim israel's actions are in self-defense is either spurious or uninformed, as Israel's plans for this action against Hezbollah have been in place for a year.
Following the massacre in Qana, Israel agrees to halt bombings (for 48 hours) lest the world (well, the US, the UK and Canada) see them as some sort of genocidal monster.Kofi Annan, at an emergency session of the Security Council to condemn the attack.
“We must condemn this action in the strongest possible terms,” Mr. Annan told the Security Council, adding: “I am deeply dismayed that my earlier calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities were not heeded.”
My bet is that once again, as usual, the US vetoes any actions. Conservatives whined this summer about how in the new Superman movie he vowed to fight for "truth, justice, and all that", but any impartial unbrainwashed observer will tell you that truth and justice are no longer the American way.

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