Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why Don't You Have Another Glass Of Kool-Aid, Mr. Bradbury?

George Bush is not a great leader. Anyone with half a brain and a yardstick sould tell you he's not even a good leader. He doesn't have to be one because he has something else: good followers. Bush says what they want to hear and for that they'll follow him anywhere like a lost puppy starved for attention and hungry for food. They want to believe that exposing criminal government behavior aids the enemy more than it hurts our country. They want to believe that the war on terror can be won by dropping bombs on civilian populations.
Take a good look at the gentleman in the picture above. Notice the glazed over brainwashed look in his eye? He is good follower. You need to be in the Bush ADD-ministration because if you offer an opinion different from the one Bush wants to hear, you may as well start packing and sending out resumes. So when Senator Patrick Leahy asked head of the Justice Department's office of legal counsel if Bush's interpretation of the Supreme Court ruling in the Hamdan case was right or wrong, what did Steve Bradbury say?

The president is always right.

Yes, he actually said that. Even Bush admitted yesterday that prisoners rights were violated at Guantanamo, after refusing to acknowledge it for five years. So when was he right? The former or the latter? Personally, I think Mr. Bradbury needs to lay off the kool-aid myself, for I can't think of one instance where Bush has ever been right.
"They hate us because we're free"-sorry, they hate us because we show no regard for their sovereignity and no respect for the basic human rights.
"Heckuva job, Brownie."
"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction."
There are many more instances where Bush has been completely wrong, and I could sit here all night typing. And I'm sure you could think of more instances when he's been wrong, such as ignoring the PDB stating Osama determined to strike US, but has there ever been an instance in this ADD-ministration where he's been right? I didn't think so.


sumo said...

"They hate us because we're free"-sorry, they hate us because we show no regard for their sovereignity and no respect for the basic human rights.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I think they're all braindead basically.

Kathy said...

A few years back Bush said to a roomful of rich people, "You're all part of my base."

On that point, he was correct!

pissed off patricia said...

Maybe it depends on what the meaning of "right" is.

He leans right but as far as being correct, he misses it every time.

This to me was like being required to say, the King is always right. Is that where we are today?

kissfan said...

One of the few true statements he's ever made:

"I'm the master of low expectations." —aboard Air Force One, June 4, 2003

Snave said...

Not a great leader, not even a good leader... not even a leader.

Leadership involves so much more than simply being "the decider". Dumbya could at least make more of his decisions based on facts and evidence, and he could certainly stand to look at polls. The facts, evidence and trends of opinion are all out there for him to pay attention to, like most of us Americans do. Even if thinks that stuff is for sissified types, there are a lot more of us regular people in America than there are of HIM.

I think Bush doesn't lead, he RULES... or at least he attempts to. He is feeble and pathetic at best, and luckily for him, 1) he comes from a rich, influential family, 2) he has a troop of excellent handlers, 3) he has Karl Rove to lead him and his party around by the nose, and as you put it so well, Lew, 4) he has those GOOD FOLLOWERS. Baaaa!

Supposedly the Pope wasn't actually/officially declared infallible until something like the mid-1800's. I guess the office of POTUSA avoided the "infallible" tag until at least 2000. The concept of the leader being infallible makes it so much easier to explain things that don't make much sense.

As far as why most of the rest of the world seems to hate us? You are right again, Lew. I think our president and his buddies give our country a worse worldwide reputation than it had before he stole the presidency. We have about 900 days of this bullshit left, I hope the country is still recognizeable as the USA by the time he is done.

Sue Woo said...

They keep forgetting they are working for us. Low poll numbers, like it or not, means people don't think they are working well for us.

Snave said...

Or, maybe they know they aren't really working for us, just for themselves... and they don't give a shit! Sigh...