Thursday, September 22, 2005

Suppose They Gave A War Protest And No Democrats Came?

This Saturday, a major war protest is being planned for Washington DC. With support for the war at 32% , you would think that this would be the oppurtunity for the democrats to grow a spine and show up and support the anti-war movement, since now a full majority of Americans disapprove of the way the war is being handled. But, alas, no Democrats plan on showing up.
I shouldn't say no Democrats, Cynthia McKinney and John Conyers will be there. No John Kerry, no Hillary Clinton, no Howard Dean, however. Cindy Sheehan will be there, and she spoke to Ms. Clinton about attending and was met with the reply "Now is not the time to come out against the war." Actually, the time to come out against the war was before it even started, but the Democratic leadership, those spineless craven cowards, were too timid to even vote against the war, despite the worldwide protests before the war. How many of our troops must die in a desert quagmire before they decide to stand up against it? How many billions of dollars must we waste in over payments to Halliburton before they wake up and realize that the effort is draining the country with no substantial results. How many British soldiers dressed as Arabs will be arrested with cars full of explosives by the Iraqi police before they realize that our noble intentions don't exist at all?
So these are our choices America: the chickenhawks of the right, too cowardly to enlist themselves, but all too eager to send our troops to die so a few of their contributors can rake in a nice profit at taxpayer expense, and the chickenshits on the left, too cowardly to stand up against the right and Israel as they demand more and more sacrifices of our money and children.
We don't need a protest, folks, we need a new American revolution.


John said...

Good rant, Lew.

I agree the mainstream dems are pussies, but we need to think about why they are such chickenshits: hey have the same paymasters.

It's time to get some real election reform, public campaign financing, and get the military-industrial complex out of congress.


As you say, revolution, I guess. But it's gonna take alotta folks who aren't ready for that yet.


Lily said...

I had to plug this one over at Hydrogen and Stupidity because I think you touch on the 'wuss' aspect very well.

nepaan said...

Yes- they do have the same paymasters. Campaign finance reform is the way to go. I have my doubts about that even... it seems there is always a way around restriction. Revolution!