Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting Ready to Shoot The Other Foot

According to reports the US is preparing to send the 101st Aiborne to iraq to train police officers. Could't they just get that Rizzo guy from M*A*S*H who was in all them "Police Academy" movies? Sending the 101st to train police officers is like going to your dentist for a vasectomy, it's not what they were trained to do.
There are those who suggest the real reason we're sending them is in preparation for an invasion of iran, Iraq's next door neighbor. And since we're doing such abang up job in Iraq, why not invade Iran as long as we're over there. True, they haven't attacked us and pose no real threat to our country, but hey, that didn't stop us from invading Iraq! What Iran is doing is seeking to build a nuclear power plant, with help from the Russians. Apparently, all those environmentalists were right, nuclear power is bad, otherwise why would we a bunch of conservatives be invading iran under that premise?
I've formulated two theories, and they run concurrently, so we'll see if they work. One is, of course, the oil thing. Iran is blessed with large quantities and Conservatives like to drive big cars. They also have a lot of connections to big oil, who stand to make a ton of money if we corner the world petroleum market(You're next Chavez!). All they need is some cockamamie excuse that they can sell to the brainwashed to keep them frightened and in front of their tvs (nuclear power=nuclear weapons) and presto! you've got support for another illegal invasion for those too stupid to realize that America is required to obey international law, no matter how much might we have, it doesn't make a right.
the other theory is that Ariel Sharon wants us to invade Iran. Israel wants to be the only nation in the MidEast with nuclear weapons (even though you can't mention that in polite company) and will send it's American attack dogs to do it's bidding once again. And if you think that Israel doesn't have that power, consider that AIPAC was successful in keeping the Democratic leadership from seizing the moment and behaving like an opposition party by attending the Anti-War march last Saturday in Washington DC.
The only fly in the ointment is Russian military excercises that will be operating of the coast of India through the next year. It's Russia's reactor that Iran is using, and if Iran is attacked, Russia will come to it's defense, surely kicking off World War III. But at least none of the political elite or their children will have to fight in it, and following Katrina, there's sure to masses of unemployed people looking for gainful employment, and boy, does Uncle Sam have a job for you.


NEPA Progressives said...

I think you touch on something important when you say "But you can't say that " about Israel and nuclear weaponry. Yes- it is a strange thing the way one cannot talk about Mid East politics without dancing around on the matter of israel.
Very good points, Lew. Wish there was more said about it.

Anonymous said...

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