Sunday, September 11, 2005

Where Were You Four Years Ago?

This is a question that will be repeated over and over again in a lame attempt to exploit a tragedy to prop up approval rarings for Bush after his appointed cronies bungled up the Katrina response. (Or is that Corrina ? Somebody needs to lay off the Xanax)
We all know what President Bush was doing on that morning. Not a damn thing. And yet he did nothing but a make a speech the following day and his approval ratings soared like that eagle John Ashcroft sings badly about.
Now all those flag decals have faded much like the country itself, as the Bush administrtaion has shown that with all our resources being squandered overseas, there is no one left to protect us at all. Sure, reactionary pundits cry "Why should the government protect us?" when if they can't, why the hell are we paying taxes.
Four years ago I was at work, when the news came of a bomb going off or something at the WTC. The corproate coffee bar had CNN on that day and people ran down to keep an eye on what was going on. I suggested to my boss that we turn on Howard Stern, as he was in Manhattan and might know a little more than what was filtering down from the coffee bar. My boss, a reactionary himself, refused. Then, a few minutes later, someone came running down the hall. "A plane, they think another plane has hit the other tower."
Evrerybody was aghast, so to lighten the mood I suggested it was probably some stunt to prop up george W Bush's approval ratings, as the day before they were at an all time low. As the day progressed, I worried about my family forty miles away, so I asked if I could call my wife. The kids were watching a Barney tape and she hadn't heard anything about it. It was reassuring to hear her voice and I finished out the day's work just wanting to be there in case something bad had happened.
Then came the news from the Pentagon. After that all planes were ordered to land.
As i drove home that afternoon, I passed the Holland Municipal airport. It was full of planes. i watched for planes all the way home but saw none. When I got home, I turned on the news and watched in horror as the plane hitting the second tower was replayed over and over again from various angles. I felt sad, and began to cry.
I went out side and the world was calm. Planes that usually flew over my home on regular basis were not there. Why did this happen? Iasked myself over and over.
Two weeks later, our department was let go and I was out of a job. Everyday, I wondered as to why this had happened and why their didn't seem to be any action from our president. Just a bunch of speeches.
"They hate us because we are free and they are not." Wait a minute, we're free? Our freedom is an illusion, try to excercize it and you'll find we are not free. As long as we are showered with pointless consumer goods and kept distracted by Korporate distractions, we will never know it. As long as we are brainwashed to believe the solutions to our problems are with the people who created those problems in the first place, the Democrats and/or Republicans, we will never be the great country envisioned by our founding fathers. Watching the two parties spin the blame spinner in a game of responsibility Twister, I realize that unless we wake up tomorrow, we are doomed to be caught in a perpetual tape loop of good cop/bad cop between the two parties, who don't seem to work for the people, but rather are the kept lap dogs of the devils of Korporate America.
After being terminated, my wife and I purchased a computer and I went online for the first time. I applied for positions I was qualified for, I applied for positions I wasn't qualified for, and I even applied for positions I was over qualified for, to no avail. How many of our governmental appointees went through this process. Did "Brownie"? Of course not, he was appointed as a political favor, not for any qualifications he had in dealing with emergency situations.
In the evenings, I was back online and I began to look for answers. I read a lot of far out theories about 9/11, until I found something I could swallow. It was at a website that provided me answers that television didn't offer. It was the closest thing to truth I could find.
Sometimes, it may contradict itself, but it never forces ideas on me. It lets me decide based on a preponderance of provided evidence. It doesn't cater to the left, nor does it cater to the right. It has the same anti-hypocritical philosophy I've always tried to maintain. I visit it several times daily and it has never let me down.
God Bless Michael Rivero!


Karmen said...
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Lew Scannon said...

Jesus? That's not a nice thing to say to a Jewish person-you anti semite!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Jesus is the one who needs you. And he needs to read your blog too, maybe that way he'll transmit some sanity into the white house. Keep on blogging!