Monday, September 19, 2005

Preamble On

Korporate America Rewrites the Preamble To The US Constitution

We, the people of the United States of America (well, not all the people, just the affluent white people and a few tokens) in order to form a more perfect union (union? That doesn't sound very Amerikan!) establish justice (white criminals like Ken Lay go free after stealing billions of dollars while some poor black man goes to jail for life with a quarter ounce of weed. That's our kind of justice) insure domestic tranquility (by never ever pointing out our fearless leaders lies, mistakes, or general incompetence) provide for the common defense (contractors, that is) promote the general welfare (welfare? union? what kind of pinko liberals were these founding fathers any way?) secure the blessings of liberty (by locking up or enslaving those people deemed inferior by our racist attitudes) on ourselves (once again, the affluent white people) and our posterity (meaning our fat white asses) ndo ordain and establish this Constitution for the (affluent white people of the) United (Red) States of America.

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