Sunday, September 04, 2005

Electronic Lynching By Campbell Brown

Tuned in to NBC's Sunday Today this morning just in time to see Correspondent Campbell Brown rake New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin over the coals. Should have expected as much from the network that cut Kanye West's unscripted comments at Friday night's benefit concert for the hurricane victims out of the west coast rebroadcast. As she did a story about the victims, she warned viewers that many of the scenes were very graphic. Expecting the worst I braced myself for what I thought would be some very upsetting photos of the devastation and death caused by Katrina. What I saw would only be upsetting to those who avoid driving in the poorer neighborhoods in any big city. Garbage piled up, people waiting in line for services, having to wear dirty and old clothes, this was just another day in the life of the people in the lower part of the economic system. Even the Guardsmen with automatic weapons at hand were not very different than the police who keep order, that is, keep the poor in their place.
We live in a Korporate Media approved age where food and equiptment are flown in for photo opportunities for the Korporate President to look good, then just as quickly removed when the President leaves. Where the Korporate Media turns on politicians like Ray Nagin while handling the criminal Bush regime with kid gloves. Does any one in the Korporatemedia question why traitor Karl Rove still has a job when he should be fed to the alligators swimming the streets of New Orleans? No, of course not. But they have jumped on Ray Nagin for failing to strengthen the levees with out the funds that were diverted to fight a war deliberately started under false pretenses while the rationale for staying changes from week to week as to why we keep fighting to inflict our way of life on a people who obviously don't want it.
Now of course, the levees are being strengthened, but, instead of the money going to local contractors, who have they decided was more apt at doing the job? The criminal bastards at Halliburton of course (which is probably why the funds were held up in the first place, President of Vice Cheney's cronies haven't stolen enough taxpayer money yet and need to overcharge us more).
One wonders, if George (Wuss) Bush had the temerity to stand in front of the media one on one as the mayor of New Orleans if he would have gotten the same treatment from them? No, he wouldn't have as it has become obvious that as public criticism of Bush's incompetence grow larger everyday, a scapegoat was needed to be sacrificed in place of the President. And whgo would be better in a nation of frightened racists than Ray Nagin? After all, he is a democrat. And he is black. And those are the people who the brainwashed have been taught to fear.

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