Saturday, September 24, 2005

Someone Had To Say It

At this stage in the game I am so tired of the same suppositories in different wrappers that Americans call the two party system. They all bitch and moan about accountability and end up blaming the other guy anyway.
George "Wuss" Bush blamed everyone for 9/11, which, if you mat remember, happened while he was President. You can't Blame Jimmy Carter, you can't blame Bill Clinton, can't blame Ronald Reagan. Of course, he never tried to blame his daddy. But the truth of the matter is there was a mountain of intelligence about Bin laden's determination to strike at America, unfortunately, that didn't fit into the mole hill of intelligence that passes for our President.
Only a retard really believes that Saddam had something to do with 9/11, or had ties to alQeida, but surfing the right wing blogs, that doesn't seem to matter. Their brains are too unformed (or being used as a cranial suppository) to really care, the important thing is some one told them to follow the leader, and by gum, they're gonna follow him right off that cliff.
They even get mad when you refer to the US occupation forces as occupiers, even though the only foreign members of the "insurgency" are British Troops dressed as Arabs. The rest of the rebels fighting our troops are Iraqis who want us to get the Hell out.
On the democrat side, you get a bunch of elitists paid off with AIPAC funds to shut up and don't say nothing bad about the illegal war in Iraq. The only difference between the two parties is at least the Republicans don't pretend they aren't going to rape you. Voting for any of these criminals is like throwing your vote away. They're only going to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies, with a few scraps of pork thrown to their constituents to make it seem as if they're doing something in DC.
Then I read what Harry Browne had to say and I realized this was the guy who should be President. Not some photo-op seeking backroom dealing political party pay-off appointing incompetent, Harry seems to me to be the guy who will do what needs to be done, Korporations and Israel be damned. When he says tax cuts, you know he means tax cuts where they are needed, on the small businessman trying to survive in the box store jungle. When he says liberty and freedom, he means no dirty left wing nut job telling you that you can't have a gun nor some sanctimonious hypocritical right wing nut job telling you that you can't get an abortion. I've been around the block a couple times, everybodies back yard could stand to be cleaned up.
Of course, the only problem is that Americans have been brainwashed into the two party quagmire, if you think the other guy is screwing up this country, you're only half right. Just look at the rising unemployment and the crumbling infrastructure and realize that workingg together, the Republicans and Democrats have done this together and tried to blame each other with no accountability from either. So, if he decides to run, Harry's got my vote.
You could do worse and you always have*.

*with apologies to Alfred E. Neuman


Lily said...

Here, here. I think the two party bitchfest is bolstered by the leadership voids in 'third party' politics. Many people dabble in third party efforts, but somehow come away from the table still feeling hungry.
Clearly both sides have their issues and you are correct that everyone plays the blame game. But I think republicans are far better at criticism. How much was spent on investigating Lewinsky? How long did we hear the constant coulter-esque spewings from the right on that? And yet, nary a peep from Kerry on too many items to list here- the list would exceed your comment page.....clearly there is a reluctance to talk about contracts, military avoidance, the huge deficits.... the deficit ALONE should be an ongoing topic among Dems AND republicans...

Lew Scannon said...

Yes, the deficits are the major problem, but it takes two to tango and the Republicans and Democrats have been paying the piper with our money for too long. Toss them all out.