Friday, September 02, 2005

This Is What Happens When You Tell The World To Get Screwed

When you talk to the brainwashed about Bush cutting funding for the levees in New Orleans, they all respond as they have been programmed. That bill was full of pork, they say, Bush had to veto it. Of course these same mindless zombies have no problem with the millions of taxpayer dollars paid to Halliburton in the biggest pork farm in the world, even after it's been found that it's subsidiaries have been overcharging the taxpayer millions of dollars. One man's pork is another man's filet mignon.
Now these same zombies are complaining because the rest of the world isn't rushing to save our pathetic asses from the pathetic ass in the White House. We'll remember this, they say, just wait. No, you won't remember. Because if you could remember, in the months leading to the Iraq invasion, the whole world, well aware of the absence of weapons of mass destruction, refused to sign off on our pre-emptive strike. Bush and all the right wing hegemonists delivered a big F-you to the world, twisted the arms of weaker nations to build a "coalition of the willing", and invaded Iraq anyway, ignoring the protests of millions worldwide, including those right at home.
Is it wrong they haven't rushed to our rescue? Perhaps they are hoping, as with our sanctions against Saddam following the first Gulf War which hurt a lot of Iraq civilians but didn't do a damn thing to Saddam, that perhaps the people of this country will wise up and see what horrible leadership we have chosen for ourselves. Perhaps they feel about the Bush regime as the world felt about Hitler when he tried to control the world. Or maybe they feel that this his Bush's mess, he should clean it up. But don't expect a man who has had a maid his whole life to clean up. Don't expect the oil companies who have profitted from the war and will likely profit from the shortages caused by the storm to help clean it up. Don't expect the Korporate Elite or their lapdog Congress to help clean it up, although they will send your tax money to do it, diverting funds from another project laden with "pork" (but not the war in Ira- oh, I mean the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism) that was designed to keep us safe from nature, the most violent extremist of all. All this proves is that no matter how many soldiers we sacrifice, no matter how many Iraqi civilians we kill, we will never be safe at home with Bush in the White House.


me said...

Thanks for your blog. I wish your words and words of others like you could be said out loud, mainstream, to open the eyes of the millions who mis-voted. Twice.

DJEB said...