Sunday, October 02, 2005

How Do You Feel About The Death Penalty Now, W? or Too Bad You Can't Pardon Yourself

Today, on This Week, George Stephanopolous said a source close to the investigation said that Bush and Cheney were involved in discussions to out Valerie Plame in response to Joseph Wilson's charge that the Nigerian "yellow cake" documents touted by Bush as evidence that Saddam was trying to start a WMD campaign were forgeries. Obviously, whoever forged the documents signed the name of someone not in power in Niger since 1999.
These came from the Pentagon's OSI, whose head, Larry Franklin is involved in the AIPAC scandal where sensitive documents going through his office were being passed on to another nation's (okay, Israel's) intelligence community.
The outing of an intelligence agent is a violation of US Code, section 18, 793 and 794, and is punishable by death or life in prison. Now, if Bush is involved in this, it would mean that the arrogant bastard should go to jail at worst, or have the whole lot of them thrown out at least.
Well, they would be if there was an opposition party in this country, however, all we have is the Democraps, as much under the influence of Israel and Korporate Amerika as the Republicants. That's why this whole tawdry mess will be swept under the rug and no one will be punished for lying to the American people about Saddam's WMD, because Israel wanted the war in Iraq and Korporate Amerika wanted to reap the profits from that war. Now Israel, who refuse to sign the nuclear NPT wants the US to invade Iran because they want to acquire nuclear power, and Israel, who controls our Congress and president wants us to stop it. And if we don't, they will, putting our troops in between Iran and Israel in Iraq right in the way of WWIII. No wonder Bush has started drinking again.
And of course, the Democrats will do nothing either, their excuse being that "Between the arrogance, the indictments and the general culture of corruption, it's really hard to decide where to begin." You want to run Congress, but you don't know where to begin to take out the most corrupt administration this country has ever seen? No wonder everyone sees you guys as spineless, you can't even make a simple decision. "Republicans have no strategy and no plan."Oh, and you do? Republicans plans are right there on the table, it's called the PNAC. Loot the country, enrich your contributors, put the screws to the working people and mess up the economy so bad that anyone looking for a job will be forced to join the Armed Forces. The Democrats plan is obviously to sit on their butts and let it happen. "America can do better."They sure can, unfortunately, you won't find it in the major parties.
But fortunately, the majority of the brainwashed masses have accepted this corruption and inaction as they feel that it's the only solution to the problem, right? It's like sticking with a football team during a bad season because you already bought the team jacket. Next season, they might get better, right?
If there is a next season, that is.


Dem Soldier said...

As a liberal I ain't happy with the way the Dems are conducting themselves. We should be all over this government's lack of leadership and corruption.....Plus we should get rid any Dem who votes with these wingnuts....White House counsel Harriet Miers who he nominated today most be opposed PERIOD.......

Lily said...

To say I am unhappy is an understatement. I can't find much to disagree with in your post. Yup, we shrug our shoulders, nod in agreement, do the little things we do- write letters, make phone calls, organize events, spread the word on things that are not mentioned in the MS Media... but we don't have the answers.
ACCOUNTABILITY would help- campaign finance reform. Competitive contract awarding. Truth to veterans about what happens to them and what they are exposed to....

Lew Scannon said...

Well, hopefully Tom Delay's troubles will wake people up to the changes that need to be made, I'm just not sure that the majority of America understands how vile and corrupted the political system (especially under the Repugs) has become