Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Woman Finds Holy Image In Son's Underpants

Doretta Jablonski got a surprise the other day when she was doing her family's laundry. In the seat of her son's underpants she found a stain that looks like the Virgin Mary.
"I immediately called my daughter in and she agreed," says Mrs. Jablonski. "I called up my friend from church Lorena and she said the underwear had truly been blessed." Since then, the neighbors and members of church have been lining up at Mrs. Jablonsky's house to see the miraculous briefs. "My son, Cody, has been embarassed, but I told him that it was truly the work of the Lord."
"I wish mom would just wash them," said her son Cody,11, "I really don't like everyone looking at the skid marks in my underwear."
The sacred drawers are kept in a ziploc baggie in the cupboard above Mrs. Jablonski's refrigerator. She is selling them on eBay where bids have already raised the price of the underpants to $4,238.23.

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