Sunday, October 09, 2005

Robertson Makes More Outrageous Claims Against Chavez

The former Reverend Marion "Pat" Robertson, seen here defecating on Hillary Clinton's front lawn, accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez of being responsible for "everything bad in the world." Robertson, who caused a furor earlier this year when he suggested the US government assassinate Chavez after Chavez remained in office scotching a business deal that Robertson hoped to make even more millions of dollars from, said God told him that Chavez gave Osama Bin Laden $1.2 million dollars and a DVD player. He also said that Chavez "doesn't golf, has no rich friends and doesn't speak English."
He also claimed that Chavez is "buying nuclear weapons from Iran," which has no nuclear weapon program of it's own. Robertson also said Chavez sent a congratulatory letter to Carlos the Jackal, is friends with Moammar Qaddaffi and owns a Charlie Manson record. Chavez also, according to Robertson, is a Marxist, a member of the UAW and a sponsor of the ACLU.
"God wants me to be rich,"stated Robertson, "and I can only siphon off so much from my followers before they wise up. I'm praying for him to wise up and step down so that the white minority of Venezuela and I can drain alll the money from the country's natural resources. So far I've succeeded in giving him real bad gas."
When reached for a comment, Chavez only laughed and called Robertson a "crazy greedy old gringo who should spend his wealth helping the poor."

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Lily said...

Well of course Chavez has had pair enough to speak frankly and well, we just don;t like that sort of thing in America. Ask the French... Criticism? Disagreement? QUESTIONS???? How dare they....