Sunday, October 30, 2005

United States: Violent Extremists

In recent speeches, President Bush has compared terorists to Hitler and Stalin. Of course, only the truly brainwashed or brain damaged monkeys would believe this, for if you really do some comparisons, you'd see that George Bush has turned the United States in to a hybrid version of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia.
In 1939, Hitler proclaimed that Poland, a vastly inferior army to the Nazi war machine, was planning on invading Germany. The SS has staged a phony invasion using twelve prisoners from Buchenwald dressed in Polish Army Uniforms. This was all the excuse he needed to strike at Poland before they struck at Germany. In the build up to the Iraqi war, the Bush administration, using forged documents acquired from Italy under very questionable circumstances through the OSP to state that Saddam had a nuclear weapon program and could strike at us in forty five minutes. He stated that Saddam had ties to alqeada and had links to 9/11. All this was false information that Bush used to justify a pre-emptive strike, which is illegal under international law, making The Unuited States more like Nazi Germany than those regimes it seeks to change.
In 1937, following three years of purges designed to rid Russia of all perceived enemies, Josef Stalin made torture the official and usual means of extracting confessions. Many times people confessed to crimes they did not commit to stop the torture, other times family members were tortured as suspects watched. Sometimes they were tortured to death. This is why, during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was perceived as the "Evil Empire" by the US, as none of these people were granted due process such as we are privilige to in the United States.
The United States now has entered into the same area for which we condemned Communist Russia as the use of torture has become the official policy of the Bush Administration, not only violating the 14th amendment, but the
War Crimes Act of 1996 as well. This essentially makes those in the Bush Administration who advocate it, as well as those who implement it, war criminals, subject to life imprisonment.
The United States has always held itself up as the model of democracy for the world. The rule of law is a fundamental principle of democracy. We now have leaders who have placed themselves above the law, violating not only the War Crimes Act of 1996, but Title 18 United States Code Sections 793 &794. We can not condemn Saddam for using torture when in fact we are using torture ourselves. Once we begin to act like the evil that permeates the globe, we ourselves become a party to that evil. American adherence to ideals has always been what made this country great, not our military might, which should only be used to protect that idealism. When we give up our principles, and when we use violent extremes to maintain a role in the world not ordained by the Constitution, we become as evil as those we are seeking to eradicate.

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Lily said...

A recent terror watch list had environmentalists ranked among the top groups to be 'concerned' about. The campaign to deflect attention from the real picture knows no boundaries, and not only are people that question unjust war labeled as unpatriotic but people who have legitimate concerns about the planet are likened to terrorists and violent extremists. This is what they do, and they know the game just as the Nazis did. Propoganda, fear mongering.