Friday, October 14, 2005

Depleted Uranium and You: What Your Recruiter Won't Tell You


In Iraq, following the first Gulf, 67% of a test group of 251 soldiers had birth defects, but the citizens of Iraq, left in the country where the DU dust mixed with the sand for a longer period of time than the two months the US was there in 1991, the birth defects were greater in number and more severe(see picture).
In returning troops from the first Gulf War, the DU has affected their sxual partners as well, many have developed endometriosis and have been forced to have hysterectomies due to severe health problems.

Now our troops are being expose to it for a greater stretch, with no end in sight for some soldiers. Returning North Carolina guard units have come down with a case of Baghdad Boils , an outbreak of skin ulcers that can grow for years. This has been attributed to sand flies causing cutaneous leishmaniasis, the treatment is an oral drug, Miltefosine, that has been proven effective. However, the soldiers are being treated with intravaneous Pentostam, which"results in a 50% decrease in parasite DNA, RNA and purine nucleoside triphosphate levels", although how a sand fly can affect the DNA is not elaborated on.

Many people in this country are still sporting their "Support The Troops" magnetic ribbons, but the truth is that if you were really concerned about the troops, you wouldn't ask them to wander the radioactive wasteland that Iraq has bcome since the invasion. Not only is DU used in the rounds fired, but also in the armor plating on the tanks that protect our troops from artillery, unfortunately while exposing them to more longer lasting harm from the radiation. In fact, tank crews from the first Gulf War, who often sat on crates of ammunition made from DU have developed rectal cancer(otherwise known as Rumsfeld's Carcinoma, cancer of the asshole).

While the military will not admit to the harmful effects of DU, the fact that they are treating the Baghdad boils with an anti-mutating medicine instead of a medicine developed to treat bug bites shows they are aware of what's going on, admitting to it would only open them up to numerous liabilty lawsuits brought forth by veterans of the Gulf War as well as the Global Struggle Advocating, oops, I mean the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism.

Cancer. Mutants. It's just our government's way of saying thanks to our men and women in uniform.
(Editors Note: The following was one of my first posts and every once in a while I like to bring it out as it still is timely and still creates a reaction. I first re-posted it two months ago and as I struggle to overcome my nicotine addiction, I thought I would post this until I can get my head together and write again, hopefully tomorrow)

The US military-industrial complex has chosen to use depleted uranium as part of their arsenal in the illegal war in Iraq. Depleted uranium is made from recycled leftovers from the processing of uranium for nuclear weapons, submarine propulsion reactors, and civilian power plants and contains the isotope U-238 which has a radioactive half life of about 4.5 billion years . Used in the first Gulf War, it laid around the desert in Iraq being blown with the dust and sand causing thousands of deformities in Iraqi newborns. Which is okay for the brainwashed, they don't know about, they're not shown it's effects on an hourly basis by the propaganda mongers in the corporate media, so how can it be a bad thing?
Now, DU has been linked to birth defects of children born to soldiers who served in Iraq( . This is just the government's way of saying thank you for risking your ass for corporate America. Of course your slimy army recruiter won't tell you this. His job is to get you to sign on that line, any pertinent information is withheld that might make you reconsider. Hell, they'll help you pass a drug test and forge a high school diploma, these scumbags have no conscience, just a quota. If they did, they might show prospects this article( before they signed up. No one wants to give birth to a mutant, but prolonged exposure to DU will cause that. And fighting the war in Iraq will give you prolonged exposure.
What these brain damaged dick weeds won't tell you either is that if you should die in Iraq, your body will not be returned with full military honors as in other coalition countries, your corpse will be snuck into this country in a shroud of shame because the powers that be who started this war know it was started by a lie. And if you are injured in Iraq, but die enroute to Germany, or in a German Hospital, you won't be counted among the war dead, so in fact your death was for nothing.
These guys are all professional liars, why should they come clean on this issue?


mike said...

I think you went light on recruiters.
Here is what they can do, they have daily access to our children's schools, have access to our children's phone numbers and addresses, and have access to every civic event that your children might be attending while your off at work.
They are given much higher salaries then average soldiers, and are themselves recruited out of intelliegence jobs and special operations, and virtually report to no-one as long as they can obtain a sufficent number of recruits.
They are allowed to obtain personal information(social security, criminal past..) on anyone they choose, as long as they SAY the person is intrested in service.
Any parking tickets they recieve in government owned cars are auto-matically dismissed without and court appearence and speeding tickets are handled the same way as long as they sign a paper the cop gives them saying they were on "Official buisness".
Recruiters are harvested from those already trained in psychologial operations, and are then only furture trained on how to use what they have learned on would be recruits and there parents.
And still, with all this, many can not put enough people in the avoid getting diciplined.
The suicide rate of recruiters passes any other job in the military.
Most of the successful recruiters have worked on what is often described as "the dark side" of special operations.
New recruits in 16 out of 50 states have tested positive for steroids while at boot camp, while never failing in there homestates tests right before they left for basic.
I could continue, but I don't want to hog your post.
Recruiter's are the deparment of defenses first line of infiltration into a population that has decided in a majority opinion in polls it is against the war.
Protest, argue, protest, and argue more. If left unchecked, this group of "highly trained specialty soldier" will successfully set up camp in your neighborhood.
There are many groups now active around the country that activly protest recruiter's and there overall goal. Google search anti-recruitment, no school recruitment, or anti-military recruiters and you will find one close to you.
Sorry for the length of my comment, won't happen again. Just touched a bone in me.

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mike said...

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judus said...

Mike your a fucking commie socialist pig, and I hope you die a slow death at the hands of someone unwilling to understand me.

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest Lew, I half read your blog to get your fascinating posts, and half read it to see how Judas reacts. I have to laugh out loud when he calls you "commie scum", "commie pig" and "fucking commie islam lover". It's the strength of his convictions I love ha ha.

And the articulate way he counters all your arguments with his own well-researched and elegantly explained facts, making you look like a half-wit fool every time. Of course.

Lew Scannon said...

Well, name calling is what you resort to when you can't argue with facts. Alas, Judus has stopped posting comments, no matter how much I bait him.

Lily said...

Thanks for re-posting. I am working on a big event here where I live on this very topic and will be pulling out my standby links etc. as well.
We are going to show "Beyond Treason" as well, we hope. This is a follow up to a community forum we just held on recruitment practices. Please post your comments this week at Greenlily on DU.