Saturday, October 15, 2005

Another Example Of Why This Country Is Doomed

You by now have heard the story of this family of two parents and sixteen "blessings". And you probbaly have also heard of how they look forward to more "blessings" in the future. Is there any better example of why sex education and birth control (especially abstinence) need to be taught in our schools?
You see this couple, believe that each child is a blessing from God. No, you moronic Bible thumping imbeciles, each child is a product of procreation, with hubby sticking his hard on in wifey's warm and slimy place. Unless your husband is remembering Bible verses so he doesn't finish before you, this is the evil that Christians seek to eradicate from American culture. I don't know which is scarier, that this man intends on running for political office or the fact that if he and his wife keep it up, pretty soon they'll have a constituency.
Now think about this: you're sitting there reading this and you've bred once maybe two or three times, but you knew when enough is enough because you're intelligent and therefore passing on a little bit of that intelligence to your children. Now think about this: ignorant unscientific Bible thumping ridge runners like this are breeding at rates two or three or even five times the rate of intelligent people. Eventually, the country will be populated by mouth breathing droolers who are just stupid enough to buy into that whole intelligent design thing. Soon enough, we will have enough Christian soldiers to conquer the Middle East, create a Greater Zion, and bring back Sweet Jesus to judge the living. Or some such nonsense. Yes, the end of the world can't come fast enough for these idiots, they got to try to bring it on themselves. it doesn't help that we got the biggest dopiest one of these turds in the White House, and hasn't he done a fine job of bungling things up. I tell you, the rapture can't come fast enough for me if it means that we can finally stop having to put up with these pious sanctimonious rubes who think some invisible guy in the sky is going to save us. Who's going to save us from them? Or their many offspring, better educated in Bible verses than cold hard stark reality? What did this guy's parents expect when they named him Jim-Bob? The next Soo-preeme Court justice?
And this is of course why we are doomed. Idiots are breeding at higher rate than well educated people. It's the same the world over, go to any Islamic counrty where some one like Osama has, I don't know, twenty seven brothers and sisters and you could see what lengths one would go to to get Daddy's attention. Hey look! I blew up more infidels than Omar! I think that a worldwide basic intelligence test would be a good idea, where everyone who fails is shipped to Australia or some other stupid country where they can fight and fuck all they want, just do it to each other and let the rest of us be.


Lily said...

Now Lew do you think its fair to couple religious beleifs with intelligence? You will say if they had any intelligence they would not be bible thumpers, but that is not a fair statement. Perhaps you and Bitch at Hydrogen and Stupidity can work on this issue together.

Lew Scannon said...

Religious beliefs are like snowflakes, no two are the same....

Lily said...

Yes, all the more reason why I am so confused by the venom about this woman from so many 'open minded people". There's just something about a woman and her uterus that pisses people off. In the grand scheme of things it doesn't even place in my top HUNDRED of what people do that sucks.

Lew Scannon said...

Hey, if she wants to spend her adult years barefoot and pregnant, more power to her. But then there's the question of how does she give sixteen children all the attention and care that they need, especially the younger ones, let alone the burden she's placing on the older ones to help her with her abundance of puppies. My 'venom' is directed more to Jim-Bob as he's the one with the obvious perma-erection, as well as the misguded belief that they are being blessed, as opposed to being indiscriminate breeders. I've worked with a lot of these people and they all seem to believe that Jesus makes litle babies when in truth it takes a man and a woman (or a woman and a turkey baster)and Jesus has nothing to do with it.

Magurka said...

damn athiest are the most bitter people i've ever heard speak. Did you just compare a large christian family to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda?
From what i can tell your only problem with the large number of offspring is that they are christian, and there for not as intelligent (i.e. open minded) as you are, sir that is harshly bashing a religion from his website soapbox.
Stating with such passion and self assurance that all sixteen of these youth will be "mouth breathing droolers", whatever that is, only proves how ignorant you must be.
Also i don't see what is so bad about a large, close-knit family. They will grow up with more love towards them, and far better morals than most other youth in this country. While you may not believe in God or Jesus, you can't argue that this country did better back when families and the men who ran this country used that as a guideline.
There are many people who don't need to be reproducing, such as crack-heads, teenagers, teenage crack-heads, and un-wed couples. But there is no real reason you can give that a happily married couple shouldn't make as many "blessings" as they want.

But then again maybe your right, we should kick out all the bible-thumpers untill they're as open minded as the rest of us.