Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Republican Style Democracy In Iraq

By Republican, of course I mean those unrepublican people who want to limit who and where you can vote, like in Florida in 2000, or Ohio in 2004. The true model of democracy is unfettered access to polling places to all, but to the Republicans it seems that all only extends to all those they've brainwashed into accepting their narrow world view. In 2000, for instance, I lived and voted in a largely black precinct and was forced wait long periods of time to cast my ballot, with only four election officials working . However, in 2004, having moved into a predominately white precinct, and polling at a new location where two precincts voted,there was twice as many election officials per precinct as opposed to the previous precinct, I was in and out of there so fast I barely had time to savor my voting. County clerk and Secretary of State? Both Republican, and it's these unseen little acts that have let a party that represents a small fraction of the way Americans think and feel control the whole country.
Now in Iraq, where people are getting ready to vote on a referendum for their new constitution, one that the US supports, and many Iraqis oppose, polling stations are greatly concentrated in areas where the greatest number of ocupation force supporters are located, while those disinclined to vote for said constitutional referendum are having trouble even locating any polling place. This is how you control the outcome of an election, by controlling who votes.
One wonders if the US is allowing those international voting observers in to monitor these elections, or should we just take these chronic liars word for it when the election turns out in their favor? Or are these elections to be staged, like the telenewsconference from Iraq Bush had last week in his desparate bid to prop up his approval ratings and garner support for the war? Don't expect the truth from the Korporate media,as they're too busy spending their time defending the bloggers against the onslaught of falling ratings caused by those who tell the truth (like, say, there were no WMD in Iraq) exposing them (those who supported and spread the lies and propaganda about WMD in Iraq) for being the Korporate lackey lapdogs that they are.
The truth is that America will be in Iraq for a long time. Our purpose is not to "stop Saddam" or "bring democracy". Our mission there is to ensure the security of the US as the number one superpower in the world by securing the world's oil supply and using the oil to back our currency. This is why we have been threatening Iran and Venezuela, but not North Korea, we only want the biggest oil reserves, everything after that is ours for the taking. The whole US economy is predicated on the abundance of cheap oil, once it becomes too expensive (in terms of dollars, human life is not that valuable to those in power as 9/11,the war and Hurricane Katrina have bore out. We are all collateral damage.) than those at the top face the threat of not only going broke, but the chance that the well armed Americans, no longer numbed by the convenience of affordable driveability, will rise up against those who have oppressed and exploited them, once peak oil takes away their livelihoods.
Therefore, the elections in Iraq are already a sham, a pointless excercise in futility. Like in America, the people of Iraq will be able to vote for whoever or whatever they want, as long as it's approved by Korporate America.

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