Monday, October 03, 2005

Once Again, Cronyism Beats Out Competence In The Bush Administartion

The ineptitude of the Bush administration has reared it's ugly head again. This time, it's Bush's most recent Supreme Court Nominee, Harriet Miers. Apparently he learned nothing from the FEMA debacle about appointing political insiders to government positions.
The good news is that the conservatives abhor her because she used to be a Democrat, the bad news is she used to be a Democrat. According to Raw Story , Miers was picked by Cheney after being recommended by Senator Harry Reid, a Nevadan Democrat. Perhaps this was to placate those who bitterly opposed John Roberts on the left, or maybe just another example of how there is no real opposition party in this country anymore, just a bunch of political insiders, having a grand old cocktail party spending the taxpayers money in order to enrich their wealthy contributors.
Perhaps Reid's attraction to her (it wasn't physical, I think) is the fact that she never has sat on a bench, making her overwhelmingly underqualified for the position. Like Bush, she has never written a legal opinion (the most anyone has ever caught Bush writing was a note to Condoleeza asking if he could go to the bathroom), perhaps that's what they want, someone with no real opinion themselves, no paper trial of legal writs for opponents to subpeona, who will vote the way she is told.
Of course, the other cynical thought, is that Bush had to choose between a white woman or a black man.......


mark said...

100% in agreement with you.

Lily said...

I think you saved the treat for the end. Good post! We are so used to incompetence that it seems nothing can surprise us! Rant on, Lew.