Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ronald Reagan: The First President Of The Corporate Idiocracy

Today marks what would have been Ronald Reagan's 100 birthday, and were he alive today, he probably wouldn't remember it. Just like he could barely remember being president. Or the many crimes committed by his staff while he napped or vacationed playing cowboy.
You can hardly blame right wingers for admiring a man who was basically a puppet for corporate interests, conveniently forgetting that he raised taxes and tripled the National Debt. These people are the same people who call Mubarak a good friend because he helps us out when we need to send alleged terrorists to be tortured for crimes they may have not committed, but give them a while and they'll be having them admit they like to wear women's panties.
But mostly, right wingers adore Reagan because he was the first president of the Corporate Idiocracy. His anal raping of Patco sent a message to all working people: don't stand in the way of obscene corporate profits.CEO compensation has gone up 500 times since Reagan while worker's pay has stagnated as costs have gone up. And why have costs risen so dramatically? Because CEOs want more money!
The Corporate idiocracy also applauds Reagan for bringing down communism, which means that communism does work, and must be undermined because it runs contrary to corporate interests. His administration also committed crimes such as the Iran/Contra affair, which sent weapons (illegally) to Iran, with the funds be used to buy weapons (illegally) for Central American right wing death squads. Reagan also helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden, becoming responsible then for 9/11.
So as the corporate media spend the day today in revisionist history lies about the worst president until George W Bush, remember the truth. Because Reagan certainly couldn't!


libhom said...

The funny thing is that the CIA gave the Reagan Administration intelligence that the Soviet Union ws falling on its own, but Ronnie's gang of crooks refused to accept it. It would have interfered with raising the military budget.

Tom Harper said...

Saint Ronald Reagan singlehandedly:

Defeated the Soviet Union;

Defeated the commies in Nicaragua so Freedom could prevail in Central America; and

Got the government off our backs so that every day would be Morning In America.