Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Take The Democrats. Please.

Yesterday's special election in Massachusetts wasn't a referendum on President Obama, as much as right wing pundits would like you to believe, as much as it was the beginning of the end for the Democratic Party.
Like Kvatch, I believe that Scott Brown's win yesterday was good for the Democrats. They don't have to work towards passing any health care reform now, even with a majority in the House and the Senate because they don't know how to lead. Reading too much into yesterday's defeat, some of them are talking about extending the Bush tax cuts, once again showing the lack of disparity between the two parties. And Joe Lieberman thinks they should move more to the right.
In 2008, the Democratic Party ran on, and won the election on some fairly forward thinking ideas. Now, it turns out, they don't actually want to enact any of these ideas, because they're afraid of the opposition party, of which only 22% of Americans identify themselves with. So why are they pandering to twenty two percent of the population?
Ultimately, the election was a referendum on the stupidity of the average voter. Don't like the way Democrats are doing things? Vote for the Republican! Republicans run the country into the ground? Hmmm, who should I vote for now. It's no wonder the Teabaggers have gotten some traction. Sure they may be insane, but at least they're not the same old crap.


Kvatch said...

Hey Lew...thanks so much for the nod. Now the Dems have an out. Remains to be seen if they are even able to capitalize on it.

Tom Harper said...

If the Democrats are this paralyzed because they only have 59 senators instead of 60, then that's a symptom of a much deeper problem. They can't lead, they can't stand up straight, they have no integrity and they can't function.

And they keep bringing a pocket knife to a gunfight. And the beat goes on...

libhom said...

If they continue the Bush tax cuts for the rich, then we really do have a one party system.