Saturday, January 23, 2010

World War Four, or The New Crusades?

When are we going to finally admit that the "war with al Qaeda", the "war on terror", or perhaps even better, the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism is in fact, another World War? Or, more fittingly, it's the new Crusades?
When the US admitted that Blackwater security forces were operating in Pakistan (then backtracked and denied it), it was essentially announcing that the new Knights Templar were continuing their crusade to wipe Islam from the planet. Follow that up with the revelation of Biblical inscriptions on military rifles, and it would appear that the US has decided to declare war on Islam. Which is weird, since President Obama is a secret Muslim.
So on one side, we have religious extremism, hell bent on imposing their views on the rest of the world while committing genocide against those who don't share their belief system. And on the other, the same thing. But only one side has the support of the world's only remaining military super power. So which is more terrifying?


Kvatch said...

So which is more terrifying?

The fact that Obama is unwilling or unable to reign in or change the course of the latter.

libhom said...

All religious extremism is terrifying to me.

Tom Harper said...

But you don't understand how serious this terror problem really is. True, Muslims have the same beliefs as Christians, and they act just like Christians. But they call their god by a different name. And we cannot tolerate that. We must wipe every one of them vermin off the face of the Earth.