Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Flying Naked Is The Next Step In Airline Safety

The latest weapon in the Global struggle Against Violent extremism, the War on Terror, the War Against alQaeda, or whatever they're calling it this week, is the full body scanner. Many US airports are rushing to have these machines installed to calm passengers who might be dissuaded from air travel following the underwear bomber scare. Sure, these nifty numbers are intrusive, unduly expose passengers to radiation, and at $150,000 a pop, pretty darn expensive as well. And sure, a lot of politicians are making money touting them as the end all answer to the problem, however, even Ann Coulter admits they're useless in probing the anal cavity.(Don't ask about Ann's anal obsession, obviously it arises from hanging around the assholes on the Right) How convenient that Canada ordered their scanners months ago, and now have an excuse to install them in their airports.
The point is, we can install them all we want in airports here, unless they're in airports overseas, they can't really protect us from those people who want to harm us because we're free to send drones into their neighbor's wedding party. The upside ti installing them is Europe is that it would discourage those pesky Europeans from visiting here, spending their money and generally walking around like they own the place. (Only the Chinese can do that)And once more, Americans can isolate themselves, wrapped in the cocoon of knowledge that, Jersey Shore notwithstanding, we are the most awesomest country on the planet.