Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christiansanity Is A Seriously Flawed Belief System

It seems that anti-abortion activists are angry with Scott Roeder's conviction for murder in the execution of Dr. George Tiller. Maybe it's the life sentence they don't like, perhaps they feel the death penalty is more in order, since their Bible demands "an eye for an eye". After all, Roeder freely admitted to assassinating Dr. Tiller, so there is no question of guilt.
Well, except the Christiansane feel that the cold blooded murder of an abortion provider is justified to protect the lives of little tiny babies. Following that same spurious logic, wouldn't it be perfectly alright to gun down The Rev. Donald Spitz? After all, he condones the murder of abortion doctors by the likes of Roeder and Paul Hill, so in order to prevent more assassinations, wouldn't his murder be justified?
Americans are free to cling to any whacked out belief system they wish, from Scientology to Evangelical Christiansanity, it's when you cross the line and force that belief system on to other people that you become a criminal. If you don't like abortions, don't get one. Work hard to allow our education system to promote sex education and birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That seems like a sane response to the problem, but the problem is that not only are these people ignorant to all they do not read in the Bible, but they're Christiansane as well. They all possess the dead eyes of soulless zombies. And their belief system is based on a mythology better suited to less enlightened times, when an invisible guy in the sky was the answer to all of life's mysteries, and scientists were burned at the stake as witches.


libhom said...

I am so sick of all the religious extremists. I really don't care which particular religion it is.

Tom Harper said...

The thing about civil disobedience is, you're supposed to willingly take the penalty if you choose to protest a law by violating it. Think of all the civil rights marchers who were jailed (and worse). They knew what their punishment would be and they acted anyway.

Leave it to radical Christians to think the law doesn't apply to themselves.

Lew Scannon said...

I'm with you
The Christiansane would hold us to follow US law and gladly have us all sent to prison for disobeying it (think:drug users) but like most conservatives place themselves above Man's law, and only beholden to their interpretation of "God's" law.