Saturday, January 09, 2010

An Elephant Can Only Remember How To Get Peanuts

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We've had one under Obama."
-Rudy Giuliani, speaking on ABC's Good Morning America
Am amusing thing about a party that chose an elephant (which allegedly "never forgets") as it's symbol is the way they seem to have developed convenient amnesia in their on going jihad against President Obama. Dana Perino, one of former President Bush's press secretaries made the claim earlier this year, following the shootings at FT Hood "there were no terrorists attacks in America under President Bush". This gives credence to many of the conspiracy theorists that, indeed, 9/11 wasn't a terrorist attack, but merely a false flag attack, designed to engineer support for invasion of Middle Eastern countries that happened to have a lot of oil in them, or are strategically located for helping move energy resources to market where they can be used by giant corporations to increase their profit margins.
It's as if our leaders on the right seem to hope that the nation of television watchers, memories full of which episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond they have seen, don't have room to remember anything we haven't seen on television recently. Lately RNC Chairman Michael Steele released a book, in he refers to himself as chairman at least three times, which he claims was written before he became chairman.
Which brings us to Dick Cheney, you know, the guy who has been criticizing President Obama for calling the "war on terror" the "war with al Qaeda". Cheney seems to have forgotten that two of the alleged masterminds behind the underwear bomber were released from US custody in 2007. Cheney also forgets claims made by his administration that the war in Iraq has made the world safer. How convenient.


Tom Harper said...

I also posted on Giuliani's idiotic statement. Unfortunately, I think there was a method to his madness. After all, it went out on the news that somebody said "there were no domestic attacks when Bush was president." And there are millions of cerebrally-challenged vegetables out there who will remember "no domestic attacks when Bush was president" but won't remember that the person who said it got refuted and laughed at.

libhom said...

Giuliani was a terrible mayor, and he has become cartoonish these days.