Sunday, January 31, 2010

Apparently, Tony Blair Thinks He Has Some Credibility Left

In the run-up to Iraq War, then-British Prime Minister became known in certain circles as "Bush's Poodle", or "Phony Tony" because of his unequivocal support for the Bush(Cheney) administration's unilateral decision to violate international law and invade Iraq. Besides the Downing Street Minutes, there was the whole 'Dodgy Dossier' which even it's author states was wrong. What's more, Blair's recent refusal to apologize has hurt his party's chances in upcoming elections.
So now, with the US beefing up it's military presence in the Persian Gulf, Blair is claiming that's it's up to the world to halt Iran's nuclear program. Well, Mr. Poodle, I mean, Blair, the IAEA has yet to find that Iran is doing anything but building an nuclear reactor for anything other than peaceful purposes. So whom am I to trust? A proven liar with an agenda, or an independent international watchdog agency? If Phony Tony Baloney wants to squander what precious little political capital he has left on questionable intelligence, good luck with that. Just remember, one day when you cry 'wolf', a lot of people are just going to think poodle, and ignore you.

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Tom Harper said...

I always thought "Bush's Bitch" was a more fitting name for Blair, plus a few less printable names.

England has an even darker history than the U.S. does when it comes to sabotaging Iran's government during the 1950s (and earlier). With Blair saber-rattling against Iran, it shows he hasn't learned much.