Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ready To Kill You For Their Own Benefit

Is the US government trying to kill it's own people? According to congressional hearings held on January 27 of this year US intelligence agencies shielded the Christmas Day "underwear bomber" and stopped the State Department from revoking his Visa. It's strange that this story wasn't covered in the unbiased corporate media, after all, Fox News has been working overtime to embarrass the Obama administration, and this wold have been a perfect opportunity for them to do so.
So when intelligence chiefs warn of another attack "soon", is this wishful thinking, or prior knowledge of another operative allowed to slip through to justify military action somewhere else in the Middle East?


Tom Harper said...

This is surprising but it shouldn't be. After all, our government quickly and quietly shepherded the bin Laden family out of the U.S. right after the Reichstag Fire, er, I mean the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And our "new sheriff in town" turns out to be just a different mascot. The more things change...

libhom said...

Barack Bush sure keeps busy these days.