Monday, February 22, 2010

CNN Poll Reveals Most Americans Easily Led

The job of the corporate media in our society is to keep people so pumped full of fear that reason steps out the door and illogic prevails. Remember last fall, when fears of an H1N1 pandemic were relayed by the news media? People lined up and waited for flu shots and cursed the government for not producing enough to keep them safe when they couldn't get one immediately.
But, like Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, the pandemic never occurred, and now with the flu season almost at an end, it doesn't appear that we will have one this year.
This fear is nothing new. Ever since the dawn of the atomic age, fear has been used to sell us everything from mouthwash, deodorant, and shampoo to multi-billion dollar nuclear weapons defense systems. It's a formula that hasn't failed capitalism yet, because it works so effectively.
And it works to this day. How else can you explain the fact that 71% of Americans think Iran has the "bomb"? They don't of course, but the disinformation and misinformation that has flowed from both our corporate political sources as well as the "librul" media has convinced the majority of Americans that something that doesn't exist actually does. A nuclear boogeyman from a country that has called for total nuclear disarmament. Up is down, black is white and the stimulus is working.
Even though our own intelligence sources say that there are no nuclear weapons in Iran, a full 25% think we should bomb them right now!. That's right around the number of people who still identify themselves with the Republican Party. Yes, we should start another war because the ones we're fighting now are going along nicely.
I mean, that's not enough time, but when I see Susan Rice on the news stating that Iran hasn't lived up to it's expectations concerning it's nuclear program, well, as a co-signer of the NNPT, neither has the US. Instead of threatening them with sanctions, are duty is to ensure that they are able to develop nuclear power with co-operation, and assistance. That would be too sensible. First we have to blast them to smithereenies, then the taxpayers can pay to rebuild the entire country again.
Provided, of course, they are led to believe that they can.


Tom Harper said...

Somebody should ask these rightwing nutcases why they hate "government spending," when our wars and invasions wouldn't be possible without trillions of dollars in taxes. It would be fun to get the "government is evil" teabaggers and the warmongers fighting each other.

Snave said...

Good post as always, Lew!

Most Americans ARE easily led. Living in such an Age of Disinformation could lead to our nation's downfall sooner than later.