Monday, January 11, 2010

Hooter Nation News Network

Journalistic integrity has been on life support for sometime now. The American Idiocracy's obsession with celebrity has so permeated our society that even a "serious" news site like The Huffington Post is skewered towards celebrity that I won't visit it any more. Except, of course, to see which starlet stripped for which magazine cover, in an obvious and desperate attempt at attention.
Fox News, since it's inception, has been devoid of anything remotely approaching journalistic integrity. Whether it still clings to it's "we distort/you decide", I don't know, but just when you think they could get more biased, they show us all how one sided they are: Fox News has hired Sarah Palin as a contributor to it's network. This comes as a shock to no one, I suppose. Palin will fit right in with all the other "anchorwoman" on Fox whose short skirts provide eye candy for crusty conservatives who are just one mouse click away from watching The Naked News anyway.
Is this where have ended up as a society? The only way a woman can be validated is if she's reasonably attractive, wears short skirts and tight sweaters? Some may call it empowerment, but has Fox hired Olympia Snowe as a contributor?
We are a nation of Hooters patrons. Obese and grubby men who drool at anything in a tight shirt like a bunch of hormone raging adolescents. Stripper poles have become standard boudoir accessories that even teenage girl role models have no problem posing on. And as the blood drains from the big head to the littler one, our ability to think clearly is clearly diminished. How else can you explain all those Palin fans?


Tom Harper said...

Yup, you've got their method dialed. Get millions of male viewers' blood to rush from the big head to the little head, and then tell them there were no terrorist attacks during Bush's presidency, the 9/11 hijackers (who attacked when Clinton was president) were all from Iraq, and global warming is just God hugging us closer.

Jason said...

Adding you right now. Take care.


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