Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Can't Teach An Old Elephant New Tricks

Now that the primaries are behind us and as we head in to the final stretch of the campaign, the Republicans are unleashing their "new" strategy.
Are they trumpeting the booming economy? No, new housing starts fell in July, even after economists lowered their expectations. The once booming housing market has cooled down, as people who are paying more for gas are deciding mortgaging their future for a McMansion isn't within their reach anymore. But hey, the guys at the top are doing well!
Are they touting success in the war on drugs? No, actually opium production is up in Afghanistan, thanks to intervention there by the US military. I guess the war on drugs is off the burner completely and back in the fridge until some future administration needs it to take more of our rights away from us.
Is it the success in Iraq? Well, they can't use that as 67% of Americans now oppose the war in Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11, WMD, or terrorists, and even the Iraqis are ungrateful (in Our Supreme Leader's eyes) for the freedoms we have brought them. Along with the lasting effects of depleted uranium.
So what's left in the GOP bag of tricks? Of course, the only thing they poll well on, national security, the good old war on terror. That's why we have Orrin Hatch saying the terrorists are "waiting for the Democrats here to take control, let things cool off and then strike again." Who wants to bet on the terrorists striking the US after a big Democrat win in November?
Then, following a court ruling thatthe NSA wiretapping program is illegal, we have US Attorney General El-Turdo Gonzalez stating terrorists are in our neighborhoods. We call them Republicans. They need to keep the populace paranoid to maintain their power and protect the president's programs aimed at dislodging our constitutional rights from us. And if that isn't terrorism....
It would be nice to have a Congress and president focused on domestic issues instead of obsessing on making the middle east over in some twisted neofascist wet dream. The only domestic issues the Republicans care about (aside from shielding Bush from any responsibility for his actions) are flag burning (when was the last time you saw a flag burned? In this country, I mean) and gay marriages (those horrible, horrible things that cause irreparable harm to no one). I think it's time the voters taught the Republicans a new tune, because I'm sick of the same old song and dance.


Clampett said...

Insightful analysis.

DivaJood said...

Well, really. We all KNOW that the Gay Agenda is what caused the war in Iraq in the first place. If those pesky gays didn't want to get married, there would be no war. It's clearly the gays who have cause the latest terrorist threat, bringing shampoo onto a plane. I mean, c'mon. Next thing you know, they'll want to put an end to warrantless wiretapping.

Gratis said...

You know, what I'm really worried about it the gay islamofacists trying to blow up the church during their nuptials. I mean with all the celebrating and love going on...Whew! Good thing we have the Repubs here to keep us safe from that.

I wonder if the farmer auctioning off his property because of the booming economy is going to care about any of that nonsense in November.

Anonymous said...

Both Bush and Hatch need to shut their pie-holes. Their's is the kind of corrosive rhetoric that will embolden right-wing nut cases to take matters into their own hands.

Just a brief tour of the Nutsphere yesterday after the Taylor ruling gives one a serious smack upside the head about what we can expect.

Think I'm going to throw up now. (Or go see Snakes on a Plane!)

Ron Nasty said...

The wolf criers are at it again!

RJ Adams said...

They really don't have much to trumpet, do they? The question is, will the American public fall for their false rhetoric on "terrorism" yet again?