Saturday, August 12, 2006

Chemical Mixture Causes Media Paranoid Hallucinations On Severity Of Terror Conspiracy

This seems a bit, odd. While Pakistan claims that the recent terror conspiracy (because that's what it was, a conspiracy)has ties to alQaeda, (and not the ISI), Michael "Cryptkeeper" Chertoff says there is no conclusion on alQaeda being involved. Which is a bit of a back pedal from what he said the day before. What's going on here? Why is the media making a foiled conspiracy seem like another 9/11?
As people board planes, they are asked to dump all liquids into bins. Now, I never took chemistry, but I know that certain chemicals can not be mixed. Even simple household chemicals. And what they're doing here is mixing all sorts of bases and compounds together with out regard to any chemical reaction that may occur.
My theory is that all these chemicals mixed together have caused a vapor to be released at the airports, making media types covering the story hallucinate paranoid visions. And Michael Chertoff, who made his most recent speech from the Ronald W. Reagan International Airport, simply succumber to these vapors.
So what's going on here is something similar to mixing the wrong medications. Sometimes it can lead to death (we're lucky a cloud of chlorine gas hasn't formed yet in these airports. And if it did, you can be sure it would be blamed on the terrorists, and not the idiot who came up with this plan), sometimes it can merely cause you to see things that aren't there. Like a 9/11 in a foiled conspiracy.

(For the idiots:conspiracy-the act of conspiring; some secret planning to do something unlawful or wrong)


Blogenfreude said...

Next they'll claim Saddam was involved - secretly directing 9/11-type attacks from his prison cell, don't you know!

Lew Scannon said...

Really it was a Hamas/Hizbullah joint.

Renegade Eye said...

What is funny is the US had nothing to do with the arrests. It was a simple police action.

pissed off patricia said...

Then there's the story at MSNBC that the US urged the UK to break this story when they did. The UK wanted to continue the investigation but the US wanted to go public with it. Amazingly they wanted to go public the day after joe-mentum lost his race and after the admin. had been stirring the fear pot......again.

Anonymous said...

Mixture causing paranoia? How about just a garden variety explosion from a brew like the radioactive soup your find in the sludge ponds of Nuclear power stations?

Some hapless TSA employees are gonna get caught when happens, and then...and then...the paranoia really begins.

Tina said...

My Canadian friend said they confiscated his Chapstick on Thursday.
Correct me if I'm wrong... but Chapstick is a solid? What harm did it pose? Granted, chapped lips can look rather scary... but c'mon people.
Plus he said that you are not allowed to bring any purses, wallets, or diaper bags as carry-ons. Q: What parent can travel let alone survive a flight with a lil one w/o a purse or diaper bag?? A: None. So is the plan to cause all parents to ditch any and all flight plans?

romunov said...

Personally, I blame the MTV.

karena said...

As many years as I smoked cigarettes while wearing lipstick, I know for a fact that if it were dangerous I would have blown up by now.