Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Terrorists Must Be Working For The Republicans

Why is it that terrorists only plan to attack in election years? Last year, there were no serious terrorist attacks or plots in the US, and already this year, they've uncovered four, the last one unveiled right after the pro-war crowd declared that voting for the anti-war crowd will lead to more terrorist attacks. And now that public sentiment has turned away from the war in Iraq, all of a sudden there is a rash of foiled terror plots aimed at Americans.
The idiot American, those incapable of rational thought think, they're attacking us because we're soft on the war in Iraq. The rational mind would think a). they're still attacking us in spite of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, therefore the whole purpose of fighting the war to fight terrorism has been a dismal failure that has gained us nothing and lost us plenty, and b). therefore the wars in the Middle East have not deterred those who wish to attack us over here, as opposed to over there.
Every cut in the constitution, every suspension of our rights has been, we've been told, to prevent the terrorists from attacking us. Still the terrorists conspire. Violate the Geneva convention? The terrorists still conspire. Suspend habeas corpus? The terrorists still conspire. Spy on American citizens? The terrorists still conspire. It's as if Bush really believes they hate us because we're free and he's doing everything in his power to insure we don't stay that way too much longer. We are losing everything and gaining nothing, especially if they feel compelled to spring more terrorist conspiracies on us in the months leading to the mid-term elections. They tried banning gay marriages, and protecting the flag, to no avail, now they're back to what works best for them:terrorism.
What America needs is someone who will examine the true causes of their hatred for us, and in case you aren't listening, it's not because we're free. It's not because they want to take over the world and establish world wide theocracy (that's what the fundamentalist Christians want), it's because everywhere Arabs and Muslims are being threatened in their own countries, it's because the people handing weapons over to Israel and vetoing any resolution against Israel in the UN as they take more Palestinian and now Lebanese land away from the indigeonous people is the US. The power propping up oppressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, is the US. The ones threatening regime changes to puppet governments more attuned to big oil's interests than the people they govern is the US. And the US doesn't give a fuck about whom they kill to do it, civilians or not, it's not as important as making very wealthy white people wealthier. All they want from you is your tax dollars and they'd let the alligators get you given the chance.
In the five years since alQaeda allegedly hijacked four airplanes and flew them with impunity over the most secure airspace on the planet, we've allowed alQaeda to escape into Pakistan and take over Somalia. In the meantime we've invaded one sovereign nation and enabled our ally as it bombed another, because we wish to start more wars with everybody except the people we claimed were responsible for the original attack. Osama Bin Laden, if he's not dead is still running around forgotten by the Bush ADD-mistration and the neocons as they strive to remake the region over like a drunken heterosexual on What Not To Wear. Their plans are not working and we are none the more safer because of them! Just imagine what will occur once they get the opportunity to invade Iran and Syria, which is more certain to happen if the Republicans and pro-war Democrats hold on to Congress, and is why they must be defeated at the polls.
Republicans accuse Democrats of playing politics with the war in Iraq (which, they want the brainwashed brain dead brain damaged beer swilling flag waving chemically imbalanced NASCAR watching American idiots to believe is somehow connected to the war on terror), but the terror conspiracies always are uncovered when it's convenient for Republicans. Coincidence?


Cartledge said...

You wouldn't be suggesting terrorists in bed together? What a novel idea.

GraemeAnfinson said...

The republicans sure do create terrorists. They need them to stay in power. Terrorists, the new communists.

DivaJood said...

Karl Rove (Hermann Goering light) believes in the fundamental method of controling people: tell them they are being attacked, and vilefy the pacifists and liberals as being traitors.

Goebbels took it a step further: to convince people that a lie is truth, you have to tell it over and over and over again, until they believe it to be true.

Have you seen Loose Change, Ed.2 yet?

Lew Scannon said...

No, I looked for it at the local video store this weekend, but they didn't carry it. I'm hoping that America:From Freedom To Facism makes it to town soon, but An Inconvenient Truth came and left so quickly, I'm not counting on it.

glenda said...

Coincidence? I think not.

DivaJood said...

lew, you can download Loose Change on Google. I have a copy sent to me, because I lost a friend on the AA11 flight that hit the first tower. They will send DVDs for free if you lost a friend, or relative. Their website alone is packed with "loose" items that don't add up to the Administration's version of events.

Peacechick Mary said...

Well done and what you are saying is truly real to us, but I did meet one woman who said she was scared. Here husband is a Bush loyalist, even has his photo tacked to the wall. These two get e-mails everyday telling them to be afraid. I stated the facts in the case and told her not to worry. She looked at me as if I were an alien from outer space. So they are brainwashed.

PTCruiser said...

Outstanding piece, Lew. You really hit the nail on the head with the question of "Why do They Hate Us?".
It translates quite simply to a couple of things...

1) We have military troops in their Holy Land (Saudi Arabia)

2) We continue to support Israel

I would like to recommend a book to you that I read.
"Holy War, Inc. , Inside the Secret World of Osama Bin Laden" by Peter L. Bergen, former CNN reporter.

Pretty good read. Lots of insight into the thinking of bin Laden.

I can't believe I haven't read your blog 'til now. I've seen you comment on many of the blogs I read. Anyway, you will be linked tonight.

sumo said...

Yes Lew has it happenin'. You nailed it!

enigma4ever said... have figured it careful the TSA will now be offering you a job...or is it HLS? or NSA ? well someone...

Kathy said...

Excellent - and rational - post. Too bad the MSM can't figure this out.

Gratis said...

You know what I hate? When you have a lovely comment all typed out and it just *POOF!* disappears.

Anyway, you are right on, Lew. I've noticed that when things are looking grim for the "good ol' boys" OBL suddenly releases a tape or some obscure group tries to hijack a plane (Why is it always planes? Don't the terrorists know we're watching them?...heh)- just in time for a ratings boost. And to scare the sheep into voting for the "we'll keep your children safe because the boogey man is all around and we're the only ones that can spot him" crowd.

pissed off patricia said...

Keith Olberman did a story about the timing of the terror alerts and how they always came within a day or so after the republicans had negative news. It's amazing.

Without 9-11, bush would have been toast. Before 9-11 his polls were almost as bad as they are now.

Great post Lew! Only ones I fear and feel afraid of are the ones running and ruining our country.