Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The New Fascism Vs. The Old

Fascism(fash` iz em),n. The form of government with strong control of industry and labor by the central government, great restrictions upon the freedom of individuals, and extreme nationalism and militarism. Strong opposition to radical socialism and communism.
The United States is fighting "a new type of facism," US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told a veterans' group here Tuesday.

14 points of Fascism (hat tip to Left Of Center)

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld compared today’s situation with the situation with Nazi Germany. Let me see, militaristic nation pre-emptively strikes another, rounds up people to send to be tortured-he's right, the US is like Nazi Germany.
The Defense Secretary is on the defense as more and more Americans voice their displeasure over the increasing quagmire in Iraq. He blamed the terrorists for manipulating the media. I imagine the terrorists now as invisible gremlins, attaching themselves brainslug-like to reporters, forcing them to print stories that reflect poorly on US forces. Sure, everything looks bad if you examine it, trust the guy who lied to you. This is merely a reiteration of a claim he made six months ago. Desperate Donald must be getting to the bottom of his bag of tricks.
When they were reporting administration claims verbatim, Rumsfeld $ Co. had no problem with the media, but now, he says administration critics are suffering from moral or intellectual confusion.
Am I confused, or is it Mr. Rumsfeld? Maybe I'm the one confused because given the various reasons we needed to invade Iraq by the administration, every single one has been refuted or denied by same said administration. So if all these reasons were erroneous, why do we continue to stay in Iraq?
But then my confusion passes and I remember, we are there to make sure that all the oil goes to the US (and not China). In other words, we're stealing the oil. No moral confusion there, stealing is wrong, and killing innocent bystanders while you do it compounds the crime.
That's when Rumsfeld brings out the big guns. We are fighting a new kind of fascism, by being more fascist ourselves. Kind of like how we're fighting the terrorists by being bigger terrorists ourselves. The Islamofascists, we're told, want to take over the world and establish world wide Islam, so in order to counter that, the Christianazis want to take over the world (or, at least all the spots where Islamics sit on oil)and establish worldwide Christianity, no offense to the Jewish people, you're not invited.(But feel free to kill as many Muslims as you please for us. Thank you!)
Someone in the administration has stated "We're an empire now- we make our own reality"-just like the fucking bull-goose loony people do. Rumsfeld is a doddering old fool who needs to go, and the only way to get rid of him is to remove every other neofascist crazy in the administration.


pekka said...

It's sort of dumb to make a comment when one agrees fully. So, I don't.

pissed off patricia said...

Give them all guns and stand them in a circle.

Rumsfeld is like a rabid dog trapped in a corner. He'll snap at anything that moves. He's been exposed as a criminal and he knows it. I'm afraid of what they'll next and I'm afraid they'll do it in Iran.

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Oh goodness. I suppose all of us "morally and intellectually confused" critics are also facists!

(sorry for the removed post. Just made a typo booboo)

DivaJood said...

Well, slap my thigh and call me all kinds of names, but I think our gubmint resembles the OLD kind of fascism all too well. I listed the 14 points of fascism a few weeks ago - it goes on, and on, and on, and on.

Both Rummy and Cheney used the "appeasement" word in speeches yesterday and Monday, claiming the enemy cannot be "appeased." Sounds like they're talking about their own rabid warmongering.

DivaJood said...

oh, and I forgot - I bloggrolled you.

karena said...

I was going to post a comment, but I am more interested now in slapping Diva's thigh and calling her names. I'll stop by when I'm through.

karena said...

I was going to post a comment, but I am more interested now in slapping Diva's thigh and calling her names. I'll stop by when I'm through.