Saturday, August 05, 2006

Disturbed Singer Really Disturbed

David Draiman recently made a statement advoctaing ethnic cleansing that would make Mel Gibson's recent remarks seem like, well, the rantings of a drunk anti-semite.
"I think we should wipe them all out — every terrorist, every war-mongering piece of garbage. We should congregate them all on one island and nuke it. A line must be drawn."

Draiman made his staement following the recent crisis in Lebanon, which was provoked when Israel violated the border with Lebanon, something they have done almost daily in the last year, in an effort to start a plan that Israel had in place for the last year. You see, Mr. Draiman, a line was drawn, it was called the Lebanese border and Israel was the one who crossed it. Who's the war mongers here? A country that covets the Litani River water needed for the survival of Israel? Or the people of Lebanon, tired of watching Israel seize more of their land as "buffer zones" from acts of retaliation that Israel provoked?
Does Mr. Draiman include nuking the neocons in the White House? They've already mongered up two wars, and are looking to start even more, by themselves, or using Israel as their proxy. In fact, Bush knew in advance that Israel was planning to bomb southern Lebanon.
Mr. Draiman is angered because he has family members in Haifa, as well having a friend killed and another injured. But once again, it must be pointed out, that the propaganda has got it wrong.
Ultimately, [Hezbollah] committed an act of war: they crossed the border and kidnapped soldiers.

No, sadly this isn't the case.
It all started on July 12 when Israel troops were ambushed on Lebanon's side of the border with Israel.

So, who are you going to believe, the singer for a really lame metal band or professional journalists?
No one should be amazed that this hate speech managed to get by the mainstream media, a). it was directed towards Arabs, which is perfectly acceptable, and b). it was from the singer of a second rate metal band.So I'm sure Mr. Draiman feels perfectly comfortable with the genocide being perpetrated by the powers that be in Washington, and Tel-Aviv. 900 people in three weeks, a third of them under twelve years old, well, that's acceptable. Or a good start. But only the truly brainwashed can't see who's the terrorists and war mongers here.


Peacechick Mary said...

He's just one war mongering idiot yelling at other war mongering idiots. The man obviously needs a big dose of nurturing hormones to settle him down.

Left of Center said...

I find what he said to be "disturbing", however if I had freinds and family killed and wounded by some group..... who knows.

glenda said...

Well, what do you expect, he's seriously, heavy-metal Disturbed.
Plus, his grandfather was a holocaust survivor.

Ron Nasty said...

If his friends and family were Lebanese, and he called for rounding up and nuking all the Jews, what would that be?

karenas said...

Uhhh, some of these comments are out of context. Glenda, I understand you are pointing out persecution of the Jewish people and his being disturbed as the reason of his vitriol, but since when did the Arabs perpetrate the Holocaust? Left of center, I udnerstand that Palestinians and Arabs have killed Jews, but if we used the same logic then it would have to apply to American Indians that suggested rounding up all the whities and killing them, or African Americans suggesting that we round up all the whities and kill them. Ron Nasty said it best.

DivaJood said...

I'm going to state one more time again: there must be an immediate cease-fire. Unilateral.

BTW, so-called US interests are NOT US interests; they are the interests of a handful of right-wing fanatics who wish to control oil throughout the Middle East. So-called Israeli interests are not the interests of the majority of Israelis; and in Israel a major problem is that the Military tends to control decisions without the oversight of civilians.

But what I ultimately believe is going to happen is the destruction of the State of Israel. I don't believe it will survive. Hezbollah, Hamas, others, will get their wish.

Lew Scannon said...

You're right, US interests are the interests of a few neocons who wish to control the oil. The fighting does need to stop and both sides, if they were really interested in peace, would do whatever it takes to stop the killing on both sides before any more blood is spilled. I know a majority of Israelis, like a majority of Americans do not stand behind the actions of their governments. We're supposed to be a democracy, but apparently the will of the people will be circumvented by the will of the crazies (on all sides). Hopefully, we will not see the destruction of Israel any more than we will see more wars started by the US in it's bid to "reshape" the MidEast.

sumo said...

The people that have the means are all idiots.

DivaJood said...

Lew, it is so much about following the money, it makes me sick. Oil. Disinformation. What about the timing of BP shutting down the pipeline from Prudhoe Bay? The TIMING of it, in my opinion, is such a red-herring - it will jack oil prices up, and Bushco will somehow justify the need to press on in Iraq, but we won't be talking about that because we're all, you know.

As for Israel, ultimately, for the Theomaniacs that control OUR government, the destruction of the Jews is part of the goal for the end times - those that don't die are supposed to convert to some fundamentalist Christian whatever.

Oh, my god, I'm pissed off. I am so angry at these right wing maniacs, I can't even type coherently.

Lew Scannon said...

Diva, you sounded pretty coherent to me!
Also, concerning the pipeline, I was reading today the reason they have to replace it is because the well it serves isn't producing enough oil.But peak oil is just a conspiracy theory.