Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Thirty Nine Percent Fascists

The recent hype about the "foiled terror plot" seems oddly timed. Right after Joe Lieberman's loss in the primary was seen as a referendum on 'the war on terror' on cue comes the tightening of security, even though they have been investigating this for the last 18 months. You can always tell when election is near by the "Islamofascist paranoia level" being run by the Republicans.
But who really is the fascists here? 60% of Americans now are opposed to the war in Iraq, which has never had anything to do with the war on terror and everything to do with the Project For A New American Century. Lieberman and the Republicans have labeled them extremists, when in fact, they are the extremists in this case.
Now think about this:39% of Americans advocate that Muslims should have special ID's. You know like the Star of David or Pink Triangles the Nazis made the Jews and the Homosexuals wear. Thirty nine percent is also the highest Bush's approval rating has reached post-Katrina.
I'm sure that these 39% would also support taking action against Iran and Syria for the failed terror plot, even though the 'terrorists' were second generation Pakistanis, because they lack the mental faculties to discern one Islamic state from another. Even Michael Chertoff suggested that alQaeda was behind this, because along with 9/11, al Qaeda is the magic shit-your-pants word for the thirty-nine percenters.


Anonymous said...

Now I don't think special ID's are needed...thats just strange. I simply think that a officer of any force should be able to stop, question, and search any person who appears to be of Arab decent, for any reason, and I am not kidding. You would feel that way to if you had done more with your life, and could cast anything close to a well informed opinion.
Go check the loading docks, a delivery might have come in.
Also remember,internet site(s) are not all true. Just because you can read it, does not make it accurate or even close to fact based.
Try to experience life before it is gone, first hand...Hows that sound? Take a risk, do something important, as I guess you have not yet...breeding doesn't count.

sumo said...

Talk to the hand...anon.

Apparently we are fascists and insurgents too...oh...and we say and believe in things that harm our soldiers and the administration. We deliberately make it easier for the "bad guys" to get here and harm us. So what is their point? Heh heh! Will they ship us out in trains to various (out of the way locations) and stir the coals for us...or maybe throw a match down? A little BBQ?

DivaJood said...

The timing of yesterday's security "upgrade" is very suspect. While it was a viable threat, the Brits have been on this for quite a while. Their solution is to round up the plotters and arrest them rather than invade another country.

I have been saying since the 2004 election fiasco that there would be a major terrorist "event" right before our Mid-Term elections. It is the way to keep marginal people from voting; it is the way to ensure the 39% don't leave the fold.

Thank god, this time, the Brits stopped this from happening before planes were blown up. The murderers in the Bush Administration think nothing about killing American Citizens just to hold on to their positions of power.

However: banned substances include Lipstick; Liquid Foundation; Creme Blush, and Creme Eyeshadow. Was the plot part of The Gay Agenda?

Lew Scannon said...

So tell me, what have you done with your life? Besides becoming a complete racist, I mean.

Blogenfreude said...

Let's invade Britain, that's where all them terrorists was!

Lew Scannon said...

good point! Last year it was the 7/7, now this! Is the UK part of the new axis of evil?

Cartledge said...

Thanks for your comment. I can see here where you are coming from. Great to know its not a vacuum out there.

GraemeAnfinson said...

yeah, I mean why the fuck didn't we blow up airports in England-Israeli style. This proves again that law enforcement works to stop terrorists and blowing the crap out of countries doesn't.

And speaking of dumb fuckers, remember when George Bush went to Pakistan and called them "a force for freedom and moderation in the Arab world." nevermind that pakistanis are neither free nor Arab.