Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Word On Everybody's Lips These Days......

Yesterday, out of boredom (I'm off for Christmas break from my first job and my second job has slowed down considerably) I thought it would be fun to Google some words. Usually, I type in oxymorons, like Sexy Ann Coulter, or Naked Republicans. After going through all these, I thought I'd type in Bush and impeachment and I got 3,030,000 hits.
One can only suspect that the Republicans in Congress and the talking heads at Faux News are choking on their words as they called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton for lying about a blow job he received as part of a frivolous nuisance lawsuit brought on by the same people who were seeking to end frivolous lawsuits. The problem with the Republican party is they are steeped in layer upon layer of hypocrisy, like a stale birthday cake or a rotten onion.They all act as if they are above the law and every crime they commit they do so in the name of "national security". Dick Cheney's secret energy meetings? Can't tell you about those, it's "national security". Disclose the destinations that Dick Cheney flew to on the public's dime? can't do that, It's "national security". Never before has an administration invoked secrecy for all it's actions, leaving me to wonder what they are trying to hide.
Well, in the secret energy meetings Cheney had in the summer of 2001 documents released by a suit filed by Judicial Watch, they included maps of Iraqi oil fields. Why they had maps of oil fields of a country that posed no threat is a question we'll never get an answer to, or why hiding this from the public was a matter of "national security".
What we have now is a presidency that places itself above the law as it violates the constitution (viewed by the President as a "goddamned piece of paper"), while his party, whose members (Delay, Frist, Ney, etc.)are embroiled in ethical controversies that they would have run Democrats out of DC for committing. That's the very hypocrisy that defines the Republican party as the greater of two evils.It's no wonder that impeachment isn't on their minds, they're too busy trying to ave their own hides until they can hook up with a cushy corporate position to keep them in the lifestyle they've grown accustomed to at taxpayers expense.


Lily said...

Our local rag had a whole feature story about the excesses of Delay- golf trips, vacations, cruises. They are not public servants, they are self serving.
I recall the moronic talk show commentators talking about Clinton and the way he disgraced the office of the Presidency...these same people will say anything but admit that their guy takes the prize for corruption. But see the arrogance fuels the behavior, the fact that they have learned that people don't pay attention to these things,and if they do it can easily be fixed by some strategic lying!

Lew Scannon said...

Morals, ethics, accountability and responsibility,all the things that we were promised by the GOP and hier quest for power have now gone by the wayside. And isn't it blasphemy when the President puts his hand on the Bible swearing to God to uphold the Constitution while violating it at any chance he can get?

Lily said...

Lew, Bush's own church leaders have condemned his actions, as he has not met their criteria for war which is very specifically spelled out in the Methodist religion. He has refused to meet with them to discuss the war, and I know many Methodists that do not feel he is a true follower. The fact that he put his hand on a bible is the least of it. He worships and attends Church services within a spiritual structure wherein he views himself as above doctrine. And above reproach.