Saturday, December 10, 2005

About That "God Damned Piece Of Paper", Mr. President

Bush's approval ratings are up, so I'm told, so I went to the story at MSNBC, and found that his ratings were up in "key" demographics, that is, those who we can cobble together to make it look like corporate America's bastard President isn't tanking in the polls. This morning on Today, Chris Matthews also clarified that his approval ratings are up because of lower gas prices and a good economy, however when you factor in the Iraqi war, the lies that Bush manufactured to take us there, and the fact that we are there until every last American soldier is dead, or every last drop of oil is sucked out of the ground (my words, not his), then his ratings go down.
First, I'd like to look at the economy and gas prices. Every year at this time, the economy goes up because more retailers are hiring seasonal help, putting more people to work and more money into the economy. People can buy beer and get a buzz and suddenly Bush don't seem like such a bad guy.Then it drops of because it's not a sustainable economy, and more people are out of work. Two gas prices, which were two weeks ago hovering just above the two dollar a gallon price, are now creeping up to the levels they were at post-Katrina. Also, the winter is upon us, and those of you who use gas to heat your home are going to get a bigger shock at the end of this month than you got from last month's bill, as usage drives demand which drives up prices.
Of course, once the new year comes, and we're still losing troops in Iraq, the holiday buzz has worn off and people are socked with high heating bills to go with their increased credit card debt, Bush's ratings will fall once again as the cold winter wakens us up to the harsh realities of a failed presidency.
That his approval ratings move up and down show not an incompetence in the presidency, rather they show an incompetence in the American people. We have traded our ideals for idols, totems such as eagles and stars and stripes. To these people and their president, the Constitution is "a Goddamned piece of paper" because they have been dumbed down and brainwashed into not understanding why we have such an esteemed piece of paper (parchment, really, but these brain damaged monkeys don't know what a parchment is) in the first place.
All over the corporate media, in the subtlest of ways, the propaganda is put in place. Morning radio deejays refer to the ACLU as being on the wrong side, that we ought to just screw the Constitution and deal with criminals in the harshest of ways, even lauding Wal-Mart for restraining a shoplifter to death.
And what do we get in return for giving up a guarantee on all our rights? A flag, which is just a God Damned piece of cloth? A magnetic yellow ribbon to place on our Sport Utility Behemoth that says "We support our troops" as we turn a blind eye to the torture they commit? Or as the drop chemical weapons of mass destruction on civilians? A sense of superiority because "might makes right", not any goddamned piece of paper?
And what about that Bible you cling to as justification for every wrong you commit? Isn't that all just a collection of God damned pieces of paper? The Ten Commandments just a bunch of God damned pieces of rock? Unfortunately, they are, as most Christians have traded the values put forth by Christ for symbols as well, feeling they are saved with a fish on their car and a cross around their neck as violate every tenet put forth by the teachings of Christ.
Thou shall not kill? Thou shall not steal? Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor? Thou shall not covet? Sins committed by our "Christian" president that can only be forgiven if he admits he did them and performs an true act of contrition. And if he had evere read the Bible (as he has claimed), he would have done it by now. Perhaps this idiot President is waiting for it to come out on video.

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