Sunday, December 18, 2005

"No Body To Kick Nor Soul To Shame"

This post would have come out sooner, but my computer was infected with spyware and adware, so it took a bit to download some stuff to get rid of it. I don't know why there is spyware on my computer, I mean, I have a good idea how it got there, but I'm not sure what purpose it serves. Kind of like the Bush administration spying on Americans. I mean, what is some global corporation trying to find out about me, whatever they're selling, I'm not buying. I got too much crap as it is and there's no way they can sell me more. I'm on to them.
Nor do I understand the purpose of adware. Does anyone think that by freezing my computer I'm going to want to buy your product? Freezing my computer is going to make me "accidentally" knock down your display at the store or draw nasty messsages in your ads in magazines at the laundromat.
Corporations want your money so they can own a little more of the world. Having zoomed in on all available land, now the fight is on to own genomes so that everything you use has a patent on it, even the rice you use or the vegetables you eat. Of course, if you grow your own vegetables, don't save the seeds as they have been biologically altered so as not to grow if planted, so you have to buy more seeds from the corporation. What a wonderful world they're creating.
And it's their world too. They get the taxbreaks for planting a bit of green along the highway, plus they get to imprint it with their logo. Logos are everywhere in this country, and if you're not covered in logo, what kind of walking billboard are you? I mean, there isn't a ball field or sports stadium in the country that isn't owned by some conglomerate, complete with skyboxes for the high priests of expense accounts to drink expensive champagne, smoke expensive cigars and rendezvous with their expensive mistresses.
Every corporation puts up a facade of benevolence while they plunder the earth to garner more riches for their stockholders, the only people they are answerable to. They willfully break the law because it's cheaper to do that and pay the fine than it is to be in compliance. Most corporations are repeat offenders as well, which leads to my proposal.
Every corporation is granted a charter by a state to do it's business. At any time the state can revoke that charter, which is why corporations own so many politicians and judges. Many states have what are called repeat offender laws, three strikes and you're out. Perhaps it's time for something similar for our corporations. Break the law three times, and the state will be forced to revoke your charter. All your assets will be liquidated and you will no longer be able to do business. Corporations have too much power and too many rights and should be brought down to same level as the rest of Americans. I wonder if it's too late to get it on the ballot for 2006?

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Lily said...

Well the argument against offending the Corporation Almighty is the threat of relocation. Politicians give breaks and sweet tax deals to corporations, they provide jobs to the politician's constituents, and both hands remain on the other's ass until something makes the deal sour: Another state offers a better climate (ie cheaper labor force, utility discounts, tax credits, etc)or the politicians are replaced. And so it goes. Not only do we hesitate to EVER demand accountability or use charters or governance devices for a measure of propriety, but we PAY them and credit them to continue what they are doing. We encourage. We subsidize their operations. And we encourage corruption and a lack of accountability by the innappropriate relationships they have with regulating bodies. Look at the pharmaceuticals and the FDA! Look at the antics of the EPA and their lust for ANWR and their record on toxins. The problem goes beyond taking corporations to task, as there are complex financial ramifications there on market solvency. You can;t just rip a charter from their greedy hands and plac ethem on the "naughty stool" for a time out.Corporate structure is too complex, the layers of blame too convoluted. The high profile cases in recent years have demonstrated how difficult it can be to point fingers in the corporate environment although hopefully that will improve.
What about demanding that governmental agencies at least do right by us and do their jobs? Not work for Exxon Mobil, but for the good of society? Raise CAFE standards on vehicles instead of drilling for oil in ANWR that will not be sold to the US anyway...the trouble is that nobody answers to anyone.
The TWO TOOLS HERE ARE THE VOTE AND THE BOYCOTT to achieve the stated objectives.
As long as we have misguided policies and lax enforcement of health or other standards, there will be nobody to enforce the ideas you propose anyway.
It seems the courts provide the only measure of remedy against corporate behavior and even that is iffy at best. So- again. There remains boycotting and voting.