Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Depleted Uranium And You: What Your Recruiter Won't Tell You

Depleted Uranium and You:What Your Recruiter Won't Tell You
An update on a previous post at unbrainwashed


Lily said...

I cannot believe that people are aware of these horrific things and are perfectly fine about lying about them. And perfectly fine about perpetuating the exposure. Ironic, what some people consider a "real man". I have seen men lie and say that 'deleted uranium is safe because -duh- its DEPLETED!" Makes you want to send these fucking morons back to 9th grade science class.
Clearly the bar is not set very high for the people that advise these kids. Whats so rewarding about permitting people to unknowingly produce children with chromosomal abnormalities? Whats so rewarding about being a puppet, parroting lies?
It would be nice to hear one explain how they can sleep at night.

Lew Scannon said...

You can go on forever about the lack of morals in these brain damaged beer swilling mouth breathing chemically imbalanced apes and get no arguement from me. My biggest laugh is that they tell kids we're fighting for our freedom, when the whole point of the war is to keep America sucking on the fossil fuel pipe at the expense of the environment and at the benefit of the one percenters. I'm sure they have no problem using the Army (and Navy, Marines, Air Force)as mercenaries (underpaid ones at that)for Dick Cheney's corporate buddies. They are too brain damaged to realize the purpose of the National Guard is to protect us at home, not to act as stop gap replacements in the wrong headed idea (and even brutally fascistic)that America should be conquering the world.

lily said...

Freedom is the irony of America. How free are people that cannot pay for gas to work? Who cannot afford to evacuate in the face of disaster and then cannot count on anyone competent to rescue them? How free is the baby born deformed? And you know what, the recruiter isn't free. These are very often poor people that did not have the opportunities to get an education nor the skills to advance in the work world who found self respect and pride by turning to the career that does not reject. Oh, they anger me with their lies, but yet I feel some empathy for somebody that needs to pursue a quota so badly... who needs to sell their soul to the man. I feel a little bit sorry for the person that cannot conceive of another path or another way in a nation as full of talent and promise as America. THESE are the unpatriotic people, Lew. The people that have given up on our skills and ability to use our minds and ingenuity to solve problems These are defeatist people, with numb minds and closed eyes to possibilities and potential.
How else do you sell out a boy whose only fault is that he is desperate to be a respected man in a society that defines men in such narrow ways? By what they drive, or their ability to provide- but provide what?