Monday, December 05, 2005

Meet The New Boss (Same As The Old Boss)

"Fool me once, shame on-you. Fool me twice, you can't be fooled again."-George W. Bush

In yesterday's Grand Rapids Press, there was a front page article about the local marine who was recently killed in Iraq. His uncle said he was going to fight there for "payback". I didn't buy the paper, but i imagined that the "payback" was for 9/11, which, for the millionth time, Saddam had nothing to do with. He also had no ties to alQaeda. So this poor young casualty was suckered into fighting and dying for a lie perpetrated by the White House and the corporate media.
The Bush administration has told a total of twenty seven lies to sell this war to the American people. Another lie was when they called the war "Operation:Iraqi Freedom". You'd have to be a chemically imbalanced brain damaged beer swilling tube watching monkey to think we're bringing anything resembling freedom to Iraq. In fact, the women of Iraq wil suffer a major setback as any of the major parties jockeying to create their own theocracy in Iraq will restrict the rights the women enjoyed under Saddam.
One of the stories we heard was how Saddam tortured his own people. Now this is a horrible thing and I don't doubt it's truth, but this begs the question: Why is it alright for the US to torture Iraqis? What kind of information about non-existent WMD could they have? So if we are torturing the Iraqis, how are we better than Saddam? Is this truly freedom?
Another favorite story was Saddam gassed his own people. True, there was a border skirmish during the Iran-Iraq war where a Kurdish village was caught between both sides, where both hurled chemical weapons at each other with the Kurds caught between, but who supplied them with these weapons? This is one of the reasons that saddam will never be brought to trial, in open court he would have to tell how Donald Rumsfeld and the US government helped him to acquire them. And if chemical weapons of mass destruction are so bad, why are we using napalm and white phosphorous on the Iraqi people? Isn't that as bad, if not worse, than the mustard gas Saddam used? Is this truly freedom?
Look at the picture of the young boy at the top of the page. How old do you think he is? Five, six maybe seven years old? Does he look free to you? I mean, besides the fact that he has been freed of this mortal coil courtesy of the US troops, the ones we are expected to support, even after they commit atrocities like this so Republican soccer moms can drive around in Sport Utility behemoths and not worry about losing their children in a car accident. Of course, most of us would rather not think about that as we drive from mall to mall buying cheap trinkets made by Chinese dissidents to mindlessly give each other in the Holy Name of the Prince of Peace, do we?
Having already established that Saddam was a bad guy, mean, rotten nasty to the core, how the fuck have we made the Iraqi peoples lives any better?
We haven't, and only a flag waving beer swilling chemically imbalanced brain damaged tube watching doofus would think we have.

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G Lily said...

flag waving, beer swilling?
And its remarkable how we must repair the damage we have done as well. obviously that pales in comparison to the human costs...what can I say, Lew? tragic. No argument from me on your points.
On Lose The Noose, I posted an excerpt from a writer at the Enterprise Institute talking about alliance with Japan, India, and GB. It ssuch an assanine article but you really have to read the whole thing to get the full impact of the stupidity we're dealing with. I'll scrounge around for it tomorrow...