Sunday, December 11, 2005

In March of 2006, Iran will set up a bourse where they wil begin trading their oil for euros as opposed to dollars. That is why we keep hearing talk about Iran's "nuclear program", their attempt to build nuclear power plants, not nuclear weapons as we are being led to believe. There's an old saying that goes something like this-"Fool me once, shame on you, fool me can't get fooled again". Perhaps those in charge will hope we all forget about the scare threats (that turned out to be lies) generated by the Bush administration to justify our illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. And being that the majority of Americans are brain damaged beer swilling television watching monkeys, they will probably will forget and dust off them flags and start waving them again.
And of course the Democrats will also go along, for some reason, even though the majority of Americans think we shouldn't be in Iraq (have I just contradicted myself? Probably), they refuse to stand up to the Republicans and call them out for being the evil lying fucks that they are and stand aside like a castrated man at an orgy. Either they don't want to be called out for being cowards (which they appear to me to be for doing nothing about the criminality of the last five years) or their corporate and Israeli (who have threatened to attack Iran by, hey! March 2006) owners are behind a war that neither of them will lose family members in.
Before the propaganda parade begins a couple things to remember. One, Iran has offered to let US companies bid on construction of it's nuclear plants, which ought to get Dick (head) Cheney's mouth drooling. Plus, with a US company involved, it would very simple for the US to monitor exactly what is going on at these facilities. Two, media presstitutes have no problem peddling government propaganda. Brian Williams said it's no big deal, as well as the morning deejays on the Clear Channel station I hear every morning. Of course propaganda is a polite way of saying lying, these soulles bastards will do anything to get a war on. Maybe they can call it something stupid like "Operation:Iranian Freedom" and all the tube watching chemically imbalanced brain damaged flag waving beer swilling retards will start putting more magnetic ribbons on their Sport Utility Behemoths. As long as you believe were not really there to steal more oil, you can't really feel bad about American troops being used by the Bush administration to kill and die to commit a crime.
For you see, it was not WMD, or 9/11 or the war on terror (oops! I mean the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism) that led us to Iraq, it was the simple fact that Saddam had begun to accept only euros in his oil for food program. Sanctions were due to be lifted and that meant that Saddam would be selling all his oil in euros and not dollars. And now that we have Iran doing the same thing, you can bet there'll be some way to link Iran to "terrorists" and all this bullshit will start again.
Are you going to be stupid enough to fall for it again?


G Lily said...

Well when we talk to the republicons that bolster their crazed statements when challenged about the various deceptions with "Why would America do this, you crazy Liberals are traitors to suggest these conspiracy theories about our government and their motives, there was no reason to send troops to their death, the explanation is that Bush truly saw Saddam as a threat, and he would have never done it otherwise".
Its like we are in a parallel universe, in our world there are reasons and motives and the actions are so blatant and obvious to all. In their world, there is this blind ness to the realities and their only defense is to either attack our patriotism or to act insulted at the mere suggestion that anyone would say that Bushco functions from a perspective of elitist self crazy we are, huh?
Nice to have you around to be cranky with. What a gem you are.

Anonymous said...

Those weren't Iranians that were dancing on the van when the twin towers fell.

Lily said...

Well it wasn't Saddam Hussein either, or the over thirty thousand Iraqi people. or the Iraqi children that have persished. Or the children that will die from depleted uranium... what exactly is the point you are making?

Lew Scannon said...

I believe the point that anonymous was making that those dancing on the white van across from the twin towers as they fell are our real enemies (allies don't celebrate a tragedy like this) and are perhaps the people who we should be fighting in the war on terror. Unfortunately, these "allies" have placed persons with dual citizenship in our government that have allowed this sort of treachery to continue unabetted. Who outed Valerie Plame? Who owned Zim Industries, a company that pulled out of the WTC one month before 9/11, with six months left on their lease? Who insists we attack Syria and Iran? A jesuit priest said it best:"If Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, perhaps it better to remember that before Israel, we had no enemies there."

Lily said...

I think I can see the point, but hesitate to get into this discussion right now because it tends to get complicated very quickly!!!
The dual citizenship is another matter. Are you referring to the fact that our military often uses university labor for contracts, especially the big tech schools like Virginia? Do you mean the students or do you mean something else entirely? just want to make sure I understood you correctly!