Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The President Who Cried War

Poor old George W. Seems that his momma never read him the fable of the boy who cried wolf. Now George is having trouble getting people to believe his lies about Iran. What was that old saying they have in Tennessee? Anyway, Bush and the corporate media are beginning the propaganda camaign to start a war with Iran, but no one believes him.
Of course blames the whole Iraq fiasco on 'faulty intelligence". What he doesn't mention is that the faulty intelligence is in the head of the guy in the Oval Office. He's a fucking idiot. While he maybe smarter than a lot of Americans, most of them are too stupid to fall for the same thing twice. What was that saying they have in Tennessee? I know they have it in Texas.
We are supposed to be fighting a war on terrorism, I mean a struggle against violent extremism, but the only violent extremists are the guys in the DoD who used chemical weapons on Iraqi civilians and also like to torture people. And, having avoided military service when they were of fighting age, like to start a new war every couple of years, even while we're still fighting old wars. (Afghanistan anyone?) You see, there's only five countries in the world where the Rothschilds don't have a bank and one of them happens to be Iran.
Right now, Iran is building niclear power plants. Also, in March of 2006, they intend on setting up an oil bourse that trades only in euros. So the Bush administration, being egged on constantly by Israel, (who wants to be the only one in the MidEast with nuclear weapons), and with the blessing of fascistic corporate America(who will use the media which they own and/or control), plans on military action against Iran.The only thing is that smart Americans still remember that Bush lied about Iraq. So no matter how much intelligence they can "fix" around the policy of war in Tehran, people are going to ask "Is this more 'faulty intelligence', your most exhalted idiocy?" I mean the mouth breathing flag waving brain damaged beer swilling monkeys who are still sporting their magnetic ribbons will swallow it, but when the corporate media lies are exposed, how will they sell the invasion of Syria?
I know they have the saying down in Texas, Mr. (so-called) President. It's a shame you can't remember it. because if you don't, you're condemned to repeat it.

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TP said...

True... theres a village in Texas missing its idiot.
"As governor of Texas, I have set high standards for our public schools, and I have met those standards."--CNN online chat Aug. 30, 2000