Sunday, December 25, 2005

Iran, Iran So Far Away

Imagine a giant spinning wheel, like you would find at a carnival game, with the wheel split into equal slices, like that of a pie, each one representing a Middle East country. Then imagine George Bush, dressed in a red striped suit and a straw hat, like a carnival barker. He spins the wheel, it clicks as it passes the pegs used for stops. Click click click. Iran, Syria, Iran, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iran, Syria, until it finally stops on one. That pretty much describes Bush's foreign policy.
Let's say it stops on,oh, how about Iran. Next, the corporate media starts a propaganda campaign designed to garner the public support for a strike against that country. First, we'll hear stories about new-cular weapons that Iran doesn't have. Then, we'll hear stories about ties to alQa'da that don't exist. And don't forget, we'll hear those magic words "9/11, 9/11"that Bush uses to justify everything from illegal torure of prisoners of war, to illegal spying on American citizens, to an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation.
In the meantime, anybody who opposes the third war Bush will lead this country into is viewed as a traitor, aiding the enemy, and as unpatriotic as the ashes of a burnt flag. Intelligence will once again be fixed, just as it was to justify the invasion of Iraq. None of it will be investigated, just regurgitated by the media and accepted by the "opposition", only as means of covering their asses when it turns out to be false.
CIA director Porter Goss just returned from Turkey , after visiting other nations of the Middle east informing them of our intent to bomb Tehran with air strikes in 2006. Of course, none of this was reported in the US media, who chose to gloss over Mr. Goss' trip. This is very similar to our informing Pakistan and other nations of the region of our intent to invade Afghanistan, in March of 2001, six months before the 9/11 attacks which were used as justification for the invasion. The taliban, then in charge of Afghanistan, wanted too much money to build a pipeline through their country from the Caspian Sea to a port in Pakistan, and so after rejecting the carpet of gold offered by the US, they received a carpet of bombs.
So what has Iran done that is so awful? In reality, they are seeking to build a nuclear reactor, to generate nuclear energy. Also, in March of 2006, they plan to open a bourse for oil trading that will only except euros, effectively performing a death blow to the petrodollar, the bad checks the US has been passing around for years that have allowed the standard of living in this country to remain at a relative high while not actually producing anything that we can sell in world markets. And, to top it all off, their recently elected president is a Holocaust Denier, which is soon to be a crime worldwide.
This will make then three wars that Bush has started, with no intention of finishing (we are still fighting in Afghanistan) because the whole purpose is to keep the American boot up the ass of the Mideast region until every drop of oil is sucked out of the ground and every dollar is sucked out of the pockets of the American people. After that, there is no plan because there is no concern once the profit motive is gone. We'll just pull out and leave those people to their own devices, which would in fact end the terrorism as all the terrorists want is for us to get the fuck out anyway.
So while the anti-war factions and the peace movement break apart because they can't decide who is the more activist of the two, Bush and his henchmen are planning another war, that no matter how many people around the world take to the streets to protest, they're going to start anyway, because, well, Bush is a war president, and everything he does, he does with war on his mind.

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Lily said...

Yes, of course I agree with your assessment- and love the way you revisit the US and our 'credit' prospects which the general population couldn't give a shit about...
I use the word credit of course for lack of a better word. Economic bubble is probably better. This issue is also important to discuss when it comes not only to the Wolfowitz Doctrine and our ME policy but now the emerging strategies for China to address perhaps not the oil SUPPLY issue but the oil CONSUMPTION issue. Not from a concerned standpoint but because our asses are quietly owned by others.