Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Occasionally, Our Leaders Will Let The Truth Slip Out

Giving credence to the aphorism that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the Obama administration has admitted that Iran has a right to nuclear power. And as signees to the Non Proliferation Treaty, Iran has allowed inspections of their enrichment facilities, which has yet to yield any evidence that Iran is doing anything but building a nuclear generator. As fellow signors to the same treaty, the US has no right to stop them from building the plant, which Iran is doing with help from Russia. And therein is the problem.
With the US manufacturing sector contracting for the 16th straight month while bankruptcies are up 37%, one of the things we could have done during the Bush years was offer our services to Iran in assisting their nuclear program. But instead, the administration fed us all a line of crap like this and this, which now they admit was just a load of crap. So instead of exporting our know-how to a people with money and oil, we decided to waste money, resources, and more importantly, human lives, to fulfill a neocon wetdream of a permanent American empire. They gambled away our future but we all lost while they all won.
At least now, on his impending trip to Egypt, Obama has the sense to say no stern lecture would be forthcoming on human rights abuses. Just one more moral high ground we gave up to appease a vision through blood splattered glasses.

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Tom Harper said...

"They gambled away our future but we all lost while they all won."

Our corporatocracy has it down to a science. Heads they win, tails we lose.