Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fighting Fire With Fire Means That Everyone Gets Burned:America's Terrorist Tactics Against Iran Exposed

"They hate us because we are free....and they are not"-George W Bush
Leave it to a simpleton to provide a simple answer. The reasons that America is so reviled in the Middle East are myriad, and it all boils down to this-we won't leave their countries the fuck alone! We install puppets on almost a whim, and then, by the same whim, decide to topple them when they show dissatisfaction with being asked to perform like little monkeys time and time again. We put America's corporate interests over the interests of indigenous people, our allies' people, and even our own sainted troops. All must suffer so that rich men may become richer.
And now, we're screwing around in Iran, and have been since the Bush administration. Using proven tactics, we have been working to destabilize the current regime since, probably since 9/11, when Bush identified Iran as part of his "Axis of Evil". And the faithful corporate media has been playing right along.
-The paper of record went on record reporting a misinterpretation as a fact when in truth completely different statement.
-The creation of a
martyr conveniently killed on camera by terrorists working with the CIA.
-The arrest of nine Iranian British embassy employees by Iran accused of instigating the unrest following the disputed elections. This is reminiscent of the 1979 Iranian Hostage Crisis, in which American embassy workers, including at least three CIA operatives, were taken hostage following the US's decision to allow the Shah into the country to seek medical treatment. Ironically, one of the agreements reached during Carter administration negotiations was that it is and from now on will be the policy of the United States not to intervene, directly or indirectly, politically or militarily, in Iran's internal affairs." I guess that little tidbit escaped the Bush administration, or, more likely, was ignored because it was a pledge made by the highly unpopular Carter administration. The hostage crisis was seen as leading to anti-Iranian feelings in the US that have remained (especially in conservative circles).
-The continued, and quite unproven claim that Iran's nuclear energy program is a front for a nuclear weapons program.
It is highly likely that a lot of the covert activity that we are seeing in Iran was started by the previous administration. However given recent events, it is likely that the Obama administration will do anything to reverse these policies. And it is just as unlikely that we will see any honesty from the corporate media with regards to Iran.

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Tom Harper said...

No, Dumbya was right; those swarthy Iranians just hate us for our freedom. All over the Middle East and Latin America, ungrateful natives hate us for our freedom.

It's funny, though, in every country where we've installed our own puppet dictators -- and then toppled them if they didn't dance to our tune -- these are the exact same countries that hate us for our freedom. Hmmm...