Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson: What Will Happen

With the passing of Michael Jackson yesterday, there has been an effort by his celebrity friends to beatify him, which is fitting, since like some men of the cloth, he couldn't keep his hands off children. With all the glowing tributes around the world, plus his own addiction to plastic surgery, it's hard for some people to forget that he was merely a gifted an talented human being. And, for what it's worth, one hundred years from now, all that will be left of his legacy is the most important part: his music.
What struck me following the news of his death was not the immediate response, nor are the rumors of his prescription drug use as a probable cause, since he was his generation's equivalent of Elvis. What I read yesterday was the story of his people following him into the hospital pleading for the doctors to save him.
Not to be crass, but a megacelebrity ( or do I mean ubercelebrity?)like Jackson employed an army of helpers, I'm sure. From the personal trainer, a nanny or two for the photo op prop tots, nutritionists, housekeepers, personal security, drivers, you're talking about a lot of people who relied on Jackson for their daily bread. So what is likely to happen once all the glowing tributes have faded, and the twenty-four hour news cycle pounds the story into the ground, is one or two of those former employees, non-disclosure forms be damned, will be a spate of tell-all books, leaked to supermarket tabloids, lurid details of just how fucked up a drug addled celebrity with more money than guidance can get when surrounded by sycophants who won't tell him no. And, barring a suit by the Jackson estate, people will pour through them, cluck their tongues and feel, better them selves because they know that if they had that much money and talent, they wouldn't have squandered it like Jackson. And then, it twenty years or so, all that will be left is his music. Which is as it should be.


Snave said...

I imagine I will pass on such books about Jackson. I read one of those once, about Howard Hughes called "Citizen Hughes"... eeek! Talk about frightening stuff. The "No One Here Gets Out Alive" Doors book was pretty terrifying too...

I'm not even sure I really want to know about what Michael Jackson's nannies, housekeepers, estate employees, etc. have to say about the late star's antics and proclivities. I might have some fascination, but it would be morbid fascination.

The guy was like a living tragedy, unfolding and devolving gradually before the eyes of the world.

The tell-all books I have wanted to read are all the ones that should be out by now about Dubya... but there are none yet. Why not, I wonder?

Tom Harper said...

I loved his music and I hope that's what people will remember, and not all of his wacky antics and headlines. His music seemed to go downhill after Thriller, but from the late '60s (Jackson Five) through the early '80s, he ruled. R.I.P.

1138 said...

Innocent until proved guilty.
He was tried and found not guilty.
I believe in facts - not unproven belief systems.
Innuendo, rumor and gossip are destructive forces (just like Iraq).