Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mental Fundy Christiansanity-The Missing Link

Many people are jumping ship on the conservative movement within the Republican party, and I can understand why. The mental fundies are making it confusingly difficult to stay on message as they bat at straw men and scapegoat everything that doesn't fit in their strict and narrow nomenclature.
Take our current economic woes. A sane and intelligent person could say they were caused by the loss of our manufacturing base coupled with dubious banking procedures by an unregulated industry. But in the mental fundies eyes, there are three completely different reasons for the current economic crisis: Gays, Porn, and Abortion. Their God is upset with America, you see, and they feel it necessary to pass an "Oklahoma Citizen’s Proclamation for Morality" in order to curry His favor and get America rolling again.
Then there's the other school of non-thought put forth by the owners of the "Creation Museum" which states that all our troubles were caused by a "moral relativism" that came about when America embraced evolution. Never mind that America's greatest period of growth and equitable prosperity came at a time when evolution was taught as scientific fact, and since some Americans rejected that theory, our country has entered a period of decline-these people say it's true because their big book of fairy tales says so, therefore, it must be or their whole lives have been built upon a lie. But why stop there? Why not just say that our country really went down the tubes when we rejected God's mode of transportation, and replaced it with the Horseless Carriage? The only certainty in all this is that our real problems will never go away as long as we have people who elect representatives like this.

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Tom Harper said...

Gays, pornography, abortion and moral relativism. OK, those are the evils I'll be on watch against.

And don't forget, 9/11 happened because of them homosexuals. They caused God to withdraw His protective shield, and that gave the turrists an opening.